A Review Of BrandResolta: The Best Way to Get Your Business Out There

A Review Of BrandResolta The Best Way to Get Your Business Out There

We will provide you a thorough review of BrandResolta in this article.

Do you want the information from your press release to appear on a network of more than 400 powerful news websites?

Do you want a monthly audience of 100 million people to see your content?

Do you want your material to be more visible and rank higher in searches?

If so, congratulations, because you’re on just the right article! Using press release distribution services is the best way to guarantee your news release’s contents get the most exposure possible. 

What exactly is a press release?

A press release is primarily a succinct, engaging news narrative that is created by a public relations specialist and sent to specific media outlets.

A typical press release ought to be written in the third person, reference quotes and sources, and contain typical press release data. The goal of a press release is to spark attention and enhance a brand’s reputation.

They are frequently employed by internet marketers to increase website traffic and sales as well as in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help develop backlinks to a website and move it up in Google’s rankings.

A press release service is a platform that uses press releases to spread awareness of your business to various audiences and regions.

When your press release has been circulated, it will start to show up in the search results on most news websites, search engines, and other sources. Your press release might turn up when journalists are looking for news releases about companies and organizations, which would increase exposure for your company.

Are you looking for a Reliable Press Release Distribution Service?

How do you choose the best press release distribution service when there are so many options?

In this article, we’ll lead you through a comprehensive analysis of BrandResolta, the solution to all of your press release and content publication worries.

What is BrandResolta?

The UAE startup BrandResolta was established in August 2022 and distributes press releases. By sharing your news on its network, BrandResolta can assist in getting it to show up higher in search results.

BrandResolta offers a money-back guarantee that your article will be published on 400 news websites. When you choose their reputable news network, they also promise to publish on affiliates of NBC, CBS, FOX, USA Today, and Google News.

This is a great strategy for improving your brand’s exposure and SEO rankings. Additionally, it might help you acquire your customers’ trust and boost sales.

In order to make sure that the content created is expertly written and appropriate for online performance, BrandResolta additionally provides press release writing services.

Within 5–10 days after purchase, they provide a thorough performance report that lists every website where the press release was published, making it simple and quick to track performance.

The Reviews by Customers

BrandResolta is still getting nothing but positive reviews. By visiting impartial review websites, prospective customers can read honest and unbiased assessments of the caliber of the business’s services.

We located over 60 Trustpilot evaluations for BrandResolta, which had a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Users have generally responded favorably, complimenting BrandResolta’s services for their excellence and effectiveness.

The Reason You Need BrandResolta

You choose to use BrandResolta because you own an online store selling skincare, weight loss, services, and many other things to a thousand individuals. They don’t burden you with private documents or a drawn-out registration process as many other distribution companies do. You must give the following details to BrandResolta: a topic for your article; a link to your website; and the contact details for your company. After doing this, all that’s left to do is wait a week to become well-known. They have relationships with more than 400 prestigious news organizations, including affiliates of NBC, FOX, CBS, USA Today, and Google News. All you have to do to get started is send them your piece.

What Can BrandResolta Do for You?

BrandResolta is one of the few reliable solutions for broadening the audience for your brand’s online content. The application has received numerous compliments from users for producing the quickest and most effective results.

Here are some essential things you would be able to achieve with BrandResolta if you decide to give it a try.

. Just 7 Days!

Are you seeking more publicity? BrandResolta has a group of skilled writers who can construct the optimal news story to interest your customer base. They will then distribute the story to over 200 news outlets, resulting in significant publicity and possibly sales. Start today, and you will be published in seven days.

. Get Authentic, Qualified Buyers

Are you in need of more exposure? Talented writers on the BrandResolta team can create the appropriate news story to stimulate your audience’s interest in your business.

. Improve Your Google Search Rankings

News articles from BrandResolta typically show up on Google’s first page for your keywords, increasing traffic to your website.

Search engines will give your links from these news sites more weight in their rankings since they consider them to be reliable suggestions.

. Verify Your Social Media Account

Articles on BrandResolta show that you and your brand are notable public figures that seek validation. Numerous of our customers use our articles to have their accounts verified on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

. Boost Your Sales

To enhance conversions, add the “As seen on FOX, CBS, and NBC” trust badge to your website. This logo can boost conversion rates by up to 48% by inspiring credibility and trust in your visitors.

Plans and Prices

Currently, BrandResolta offers three different packages to users: Starter, Plus, and Pro.

Starter Package

Cost: $149 for each release

For experienced writers and SEO experts, this plan is excellent.

The stations of CBS, Fox, NBC, USA Today, and Google News will all feature your article.

200 news pieces, an “As seen on” website Trust Badge, and a thorough report with live links are also included in the package.

Plus Package

$199 for each release

This approach will help small businesses and influencers.

After you provide your approval, a group of seasoned writers will create a 350-word piece for you, edit it twice, and post it on Google News, CBS, Fox, NBC, and USA Today stations.

200 news pieces, a “As seen on” website Trust Badge, and a thorough report with live links are also included in the package.

Pro Package

$249 for each release

Business and eCommerce websites are the greatest candidates for this bundle.

With this package, a group of expert writers will create an article for you that is 500 words long, subject to an unlimited number of revisions, and after you approve it, it will be published on CBS, Fox, NBC, and USA Today.

400 news pieces, an “As seen on” website Trust Badge, and a thorough report with live links are also included in the package.

What is the difference between Starter, Plus, and Pro?

In addition to the Starter pack, which costs $149 each release, BrandResolta also provides the Plus and Pro packs, which are premium packages.

For customers that want a better selection, these packages come with writing and cost $199 or $249 per release, respectively.

The primary distinction between these two packages is that if you select Starter, BrandResolta will publish the article you write; however, if you select Plus or Pro, BrandResolta’s team of professional writers will write the article for you.

What Sets BrandResolta apart from the Competition?

If BrandResolta is compared to its rivals, there are several advantages. Highlights consist of:

For a single release, many other businesses charge hundreds of dollars more than BrandResolta.

NBC, CBS, Fox, and 400 other media companies are among the top news and media sources.

They give customers access to a trust label that says, “As Seen On…”, which has been proven to assist turn website visitors into paying customers.

adding a video and photo to a press release to help it perform better; and many more things.

The distribution network of BrandResolta includes numerous smaller local news websites. It also contains a few international websites, like Malaysia Corner and Buzzing Asia, even though the majority of them cater to the US market.

Why Do We Enjoy BrandResolta?

With BrandResolta, you won’t have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars on a single piece because you can benefit from their contacts in the news industry and their insider expertise while still paying a very reasonable amount.

The customer care team is really competent, and they are always willing to help you get your article published as soon as possible.

BrandResolta helps me get my article published quickly, saving me time, money, and effort. However, it does take 5 to 10 days for BrandResolta to complete an order, indicating that it is not a fully automated system.

The news websites run by BrandResolta get over 100 million visitors each month.

For those seeking to boost their brand visibility, get a lot of backlinks from reputable resources, and build consumer confidence, BrandResolta is an excellent resource. Your revenue and search engine rankings will almost certainly increase. If BrandResolta cannot publish an article about your brand, you will get a full refund. They only care about your satisfaction, unlike many delivery service businesses that demand that you provide documentation. You may request writing assistance and two or unlimited revisions, depending on the plan, with the Plus and Pro plans. Bulk discounts are available.

What Do We Dislike About BrandResolta?

The thing that turns us off about BrandResolta is that it’s not a purely offline service; orders take 5 to 10 days to process. BrandResolta doesn’t accept content that contains adult material, products, or services (Anything that is detrimental to a person, site, or company). BrandResolta doesn’t use any direct affiliate links in its articles.


In conclusion, we can say that BrandResolta is a reliable solution in the 2022 press release software market. BrandResolta provides the greatest reach and growth for your press release content by providing just the right price tag and practical features. It has a strong track record, positive word of mouth, and proven results, which prove BrandResolta’s credibility. It guarantees that you will reach your target audience and journalists, which is an important achievement in and of itself, whether or not you receive media attention or make the front page.

Written by Joshua Galyon

Joshua is a senior editor at Snooth, covering most anything of interest in the world of science and technology. Having written on everything from the science of space exploration to advances in gene therapy, he has a real soft spot for big, complicated pieces that make for excellent weekend reads.

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