What Kind of Games can You Play Online?

What Kind of Games can You Play Online?

Picking up gaming can be a daunting experience once you learn that there’s about a dozen or so unique categories and genres. Those who are new to online games may be wondering, ‘what kind of games can I play online?’

Here’s a quick checklist of games you can try today.


The thrill of winning a massive jackpot often leads people to bet on tables such as poker, or traditional platforms such as slots. Enthusiasts will be delighted to find that there’s a list of casinos not on GamStop they can try for interruption-free sessions.

Online casinos are a dime a dozen, but you should pick one that’s allowed in your region and offers a quick and easy way to enjoy your favorite games. As a side note, it can be a side hustle that can bring in money if you know how to win.

Word Games

Word games are becoming more popular than ever. This casual genre can be played with friends and people who love to have fun while teasing their brains.

There’s about a dozen word games you can try, from crossword to Wordle and much more. Most of them are free, and there are online word games you can download on your smartphone when you want to play on the go.

Facebook Games

Facebook games are good time-wasters for those who want clean and casual enjoyment. You won’t need to install anything, as all the graphics and assets are loaded right up from your browser. Most of them fall within the ‘casual’ genre, which means you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning how to play. They’re intuitive, and even kids can quickly grasp how to progress after spending a few minutes.

As an alternative, you can try party games if you want some friends to join in. Titles such as Monopoly, Risk and even Pool can be had if you know where to look.

First Person Shooter

Once you’ve warmed up to playing online games then you might want to try something more serious. FPS games are visceral and exciting since the action doesn’t stop. What’s more, you can play with real people in a network or online.

Within the FPS genre are popular titles such as Fortnite and similar survival games. Before you play, make sure that you have the necessary hardware for a smoother experience.

Browser Games

Browser games are quick and convenient gaming apps that you can play right in a browser window. They’re simple yet provide hours of entertainment. The genre is expansive, too- you can play a word game, puzzler or an adventure title from the same platform or website.

The biggest advantage of browser games is that you don’t have to download or install anything to get started. You can also play on a mobile phone or a laptop.


Puzzlers fall into the ‘short’ games where you can just spend 15 to 20 minutes having fun. They’re great for stress relief and when you want to blow off steam after a hard day.

Written by Joshua Galyon

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