Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

Any situation in which an individual has been hurt or killed as a result of another’s stupidity or carelessness falls under the purview of personal injury law. Under such circumstances, connecting with a Thomasville personal injury lawyer becomes crucial. However, personal injury cases come up more frequently in some categories than others. Personal injury is indeed a wide subject of law that encompasses different forms of injuries. Here are five types of personal injury lawsuits that can be filed with an attorney’s assistance. Read on.

Car And Truck Accidents

In these incidents, a car, truck, or other vehicle collides with a biker, driver, motorcyclist, passenger, or pedestrian, thus inflicting injuries or fatalities. A person could be entitled to claim compensation for injuries if they sustain harm due to a car accident but weren’t at fault. The claimants must have a police report outlining the accident’s circumstances, insurance details, and medical records outlining the injuries they suffered.

Vehicle Equipment Failures

In these collisions, defective auto parts like poor tires, seatbelts, or airbags malfunction leading to injuries or death of individuals.

Medical Malpractice

When a healthcare provider acts negligent, such as by failing to recognize a critical ailment, treating the patient incorrectly, or performing a dangerous medical operation, it can result in harm, injury, or death. Medical malpractice charges focus on damage inflicted by a doctor’s misconduct or incorrect treatment. To win these personal injury cases, the doctor must have violated a rule or treated the patient in a wrong, negligent, or inappropriate way.

Product Liability Cases

These lawsuits seek damages when a faulty or recalled drug, product, or device results in someone’s disease, harm, or death.

The person wounded or a surviving member of the family may file a personal injury claim if an accident leads to the injury or death of an employee while they are working. This happens due to unsafe working conditions, inadequately trained staff, or incorrectly maintained equipment. As you would expect, more claims are made for injuries experienced in dangerous occupations, such as those caused by risks on an oil rig or other workplace hazards.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, people who suffer injuries after slipping and falling on either public or private land may be eligible for financial compensation as well. Personal injury claims involving slips and falls sometimes hinge on the environment’s safety. A victim’s case is bolstered if the property was unanticipated or unsafe to others.

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