How Do You Set Up An eGPU?

How Do You Set Up An eGPU?

An eGPU which is also called an external graphics processing unit is a device that gives users graphics of high quality by attaching an external dock to their computer or laptop. An eGPU is a great thing for gamers who would like the utmost best quality graphics for their gaming and also for people who want the best out of their video editing; all of these could be achieved by just connecting an external graphics processing unit.

How do you set up an Egpu? The guide to setting up an Egpu depends on the type of dock you have purchased, there are different dock manufacturers and they each might have their separate steps or guide to setting up their device. The main things you’ll need for the set up is the Egpu, a laptop ,display monitor, graphics card ,power supply and a thunderbolt 3 connection and cord if your laptop has a port for that. In most cases ,you would need to install the eGPUs software on your laptop, connect the power supply cable and display monitor to a power unit, if you have a thunderbolt approved device ,you can connect it from the dock to your laptop ,and once all the various connections are made ,you can proceed to the usage.

The main thing to do when you want to set up an external GPU is to have all the basic necessities that are sure to make it run smoothly. First of all, you will need to buy an external GPU dock that is compatible with your laptop or system, you then proceed to buying a graphics card that also works well with the Egpu dock or you could just get an eGPU dock that has a preinstalled graphics card. The main aim of setting up your eGPU is to get it to work as smoothly as it is supposed to, so if you’re installing the graphics card yourself, you will have to install it as gently and as perfectly as you can.

Setting up the eGPU depends on the manufacturer’s guide most of the time, so it is very essential that a lot of research is done in regards to the type of external GPU you have purchased. Installing the software of the eGPU is the first step and then the user would proceed to making all the other necessary connections. These connections start from the main power supply and the device’s power supply cable, as well as the display monitor that will be used. Another connection would be the thunderbolt cable of the dock to the laptop’s thunderbolt 3- port (This is for laptops that have the thunderbolt provision) Most eGPUs these days require a thunderbolt connection because using thunderbolt has a lot of great benefits for your graphics and it is known to transfer data at a 40Gps speed.

Setting Up An eGPU with or without Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt is a relatively new invention that most external GPUs and laptops make use of. Thunderbolt 3 ports have a great effect when it comes to driving eGPUs. The whole landscape of external graphics processing unit has become even more undeniably realistic as the graphics and performance of computers have enhanced even more.

If your laptop has a thunderbolt 3- port, the enclosure you purchase would have to be compatible with the laptop. The next thing would be to pick a great graphics card that plays nicely with the external GPU dock as well and then connect your external GPU to a power supply. If you want your computer to recognize the eGPU, you will have to install the latest graphics drivers that go well with your eGPU; all this requires is a visit to the GPUs website, search for the model and then install all he necessary drivers that you may need. The last step would be for you to plug the external GPU and then play.

Whether you’re making use of thunderbolt or not; you still have to download and install the latest drivers from the eGPUs manufacturer’s website, this is to ensure that the GPU and your computer communicate well. When this is done, you’ll have to reboot your computer. You will need to find a motherboard that has a PCIe port and the cable to connect the eGPU dock to.

Without the thunderbolt 3 ports, you will need your laptop’s Wi-Fi card, this will be connected to your laptop through the PCIe slot, in order for this to happen ,you might have to disassemble your laptop, take the Wi-Fi card out and then replace it with the PCIe cable of the eGPU dock, and then close your laptop.

Lastly, find the power supply after you have inserted a graphics card into the dock and then plug it into the port provided on the dock. Turn on your system and if your new card isn’t automatically set, you will have to do it manually.

Why Setting Up An External GPU Can Be Helpful

With the help of an external GPU ,you get to enjoy a very reliable and powerful graphics processing , meaning that your laptop will reap the benefits of having great performance when it comes to gaming and rendering

Choosing an eGPU that is compatible with your laptop makes the set up even easier and less problematic, hence providing you with the best experience possible when it comes to setting it up ,down to the plugging and playing segment.

If your laptop doesn’t have the most powerful GPU, it would save you a lot if you decide to buy and set up an eGPU as opposed to ultimately just getting a new laptop.

Problems You Might Encounter After eGPU Set Up

You might face a few encounters after you’ve set up your eGPU, some of these problems might have solutions and others might seem unsolvable.

In case you encounter any sort of freezing, you will have to reboot your system and that might just solve the problem.

If your system does not recognize the eGPU, you might have to check for any upgrades for the software of the eGPU and then download and install it properly.

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