How Artificial Intelligence Has Changed The Way We Interact With Technology & Gaming

How Artificial Intelligence Has Changed The Way We Interact With Technology &Gaming

Artificial Intelligence gives machines the power to make decisions and perform actions based on the data they’re provided with. AI is a major catalyst in the fourth industrial revolution in the 21st century.

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence has introduced a new era in the history of technological developments. With every passing day, AI is encompassing almost every sector in the tech industry. From self-driving vehicles to social media sites and even online shopping, the presence of AI is surely a dominating factor of our everyday lives.

Out of the industry’s many segments, the gaming sector has seen major transformation in the backdrop of Artificial Intelligence. AI is allowing the designers to make the gamers more and more interesting for the users.

1.   Reduced Human Error

Humans, unfortunately, are capable of making errors in everyday life. Monotonous weeks can feel tiresome.On some days, they just may not be up for the workload presented to them. This humanness gives rise to inaccuracies. The rise of Artificial intelligence will reduce these mistakes by replacing the human labor force with an artificial one.

One such example is the rising popularity of autonomous vehicles. This invention promises to reduce road accidents caused by the human error factor. AI gathers data from the cameras and sensors in the car, and makes decisions while simultaneously controlling its actions based on real-time data. This significantly reduces the chances of any unpleasant outcomes.

2.   Enhanced Social Media Engagement

How is it possible that your Instagram and Facebook newsfeed is filled with posts that you like? How does your Spotify play the next song similar to the ones you usually listen to? Based on what pattern does Youtube offer you suggested videos similar to your interests?

Artificial intelligence has made it all possible. It has significantly altered the way we used to browse these social media sites. AI is engaging every individual, based on their particular intrigues, on each of these social media sites, ultimately  increasing the overall social media engagement of the public.

3.   E-Commerce Boom

AI has become a key component in the success of E-commerce in the last decade. A major part of this has been how when you are browsing for something and suddenly relevant ads start popping out on all sites, giving you enough options to choose from. A hassle free way to get what you want without having to go to different lengths to attain it.

In case the customer has any queries, AI also provides chatbot services to respond to those queries. This has reduced the labor force cost, and improved the customer service experience. The AI chatbots are more efficient than humans, as these machines don’t feel sick, tired or sleepy. The one on one experience and the focus on real-time data makes it a pleasant experience for the customer.

4.   Improved Gaming Experience

The gathering of real-time data by the AI has a major application in gaming, tailoring  the gaming experience to each individual’s strategic gameplay. This makes the gamers feel as if the non-player character is under the control of a human, who reads their game-play and responds accordingly. The realness of this is evident in the example of online casinos, where you can get the feel of an entire casino in the comfort of your own home. AI has made casino games and betting on sports online more secure and interesting.

Furthermore, the AI also helps make decisions on which parts of games need to be updated, based on the interests of gamers. It gathers the particulars and identifies the more interesting parts of the game along with those which make the players leave. Based on this information, the game designers curate a game that is highly specific and personalized to the gamers.

Written by Joshua Galyon

Joshua is a senior editor at Snooth, covering most anything of interest in the world of science and technology. Having written on everything from the science of space exploration to advances in gene therapy, he has a real soft spot for big, complicated pieces that make for excellent weekend reads.

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