Name of varietal: Malbec

Common synonyms: Côt, Auxerrois, Pressac, Vesparo, Malbeck
Parentage of the grape: indigenous to France
History of the grape: Some believe Malbec is named after a Hungarian peasant who spread plantings along the French countryside (Janos Malbec-seed, perhaps?). But modern day oenologist Pierre Galet suggests that it was originally called “Côt” and Malbec may perhaps be a name given to it when it was grown in Burgundy. Regardless, the varietal was once one of the most popular grapes grown in France. However, it is very sensitive to frost and coulure (breaking apart), and after a particularly harsh winter in 1956, plantings of Malbec in France are now mostly limited to Southwest France, particularly in Cahors, and to the Medoc in Bordeaux, where it is a blending grape. 
Malbec has become the star red attraction in Argentina, where it is often produced in a lush, fruity style. Some parts of the country were resistant Read more »

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  • California

    Viticulture in California began in the 1700s as Spanish missionaries worked their way north fro...

  • South West France

    South West France, or Sud Ouest, is a large expanse that covers several districts within the co...

  • Argentina

    Argentina is one of the top five wine-producing countries in the world. For a long time, most o...

  • Australia

    The history of wine-making in Australia dates back to the late 1700s when the first European se...

  • Spain

    Spain is one of the word’s largest wine-producing regions. It comprises most of the Iberian Pen...

  • France

    Perhaps no country evokes such strong associations with fine wine as does France. Its reputatio...

  • USA

    "American Wine" has existed since the first Europeans brought their vinous heritage and tradition...

  • Chile

    Winemaking was first introduced to Chile by Spanish settlers in the 1500’s, but it wasn’t until...

  • Mendoza

    Mendoza is by far the largest and most prolific wine region in all of Argentina. It’s part of t...

Popular Wineries using Malbec

  • Livingston Cellars

    Since 1984 and 17 years, the de facto estate wine of Livingston Moffett winery has been bottled ...

  • Dark Horse Wine

    Named 2007 Winemaker of the Year by the Sonoma County Harvest Fair, winemaker Michael Loykasek ha...

  • Estancia Estates

    Estancia’s winemakers strive to combine the best of both worlds: a state-of-the art winemaking fa...

  • Dumol Wine Company

    Our 25 acre biodynamically farmed Estate Vineyard is located on an undulating eastfacing slope of...

  • Glass Mountain

    It has been more than hundred years since California wine pioneer Jean Laurent quarried stone fro...

  • Cupcake Vineyards

    Our winery is located in Monterey County, California where warm days give way to cool nights a...

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Malbec on Snooth

  • Emark, couple comments on your recent wines. Yes, you have changed.  ... ... too.Now, that Mauritson Malbec... Malbec and Merlot are the two Bord varietals that make no sense to me by themselves.  In our allocation from Rockpile, we get a bottle a year or so.  And I've never tasted it (at least not deliberately).  One year I gave it to my par... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Whatcha drinking tonight?

  • Concha Y Toro Malbec Casillero del Diablo 2013


    No written review

    Wine review by sundial

  • I would go Malbec, a little drier than USA merlot but inexpensive for most labels. Argentina.**** for $20 may get you a Catena.!  Read More

    Forum post in the topic In Need a Merlot Recommendation

  • Antigal Malbec Uno 2010


    Anna likes this. It's smooth with minimal end notes Read More

    Wine review by Lhers

  • Malbec is an acquired taste.  When you get bored with Cabernet Sauvignon, come to Malbec and you will be happy once again.(c) 2014 Big Al Quotations and Annotations Read More

    Forum post in the topic Whatcha drinking tonight?

  • Rockpile Winery Malbec Rockpile Buck Pasture Vineyard 2011


    Quite a fruity noselots of cherrybut also something of a chemical odor, maybe, alcohol. Still a hint of cherry on the tip of the tongue, but not like the blast that I normally get from California Pinot Noirs. Something of a caramel flavor, but then, some spicyanise/cloveovertones. Then comes some serious tannin. I poured this glass from the ... Read More

    Wine review by EMark

  • I need some help finding a under $15 Merlot.  For years my go-to Merlot was Clos du Bois North Coast because it had soft tannins, lush red/dark fruit and a silky mouthfeel/finish.  The '12 and '13 vintages had a spice component that I didn't like so Merlot, hasn't been in my lineup.  I recently tried an Old World Merlot, Clos de la Moriette, whi... Read More

    Forum post in the topic In Need a Merlot Recommendation

  • Very nice Jon.I'm not a big fan of Malbec.  I guess a more accurate way of saying that is that I have really very little experience with Malbec.  So, as much as anything tonight is a continuing education project. I was originally attracted to the Mauritson winery because Foxall bragged about their Zinfandel, and I am, of course, this board's big... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Whatcha drinking tonight?

  • Catena Malbec Vista Flores 2011


    No written review

    Wine review by milney07

  • Vigouroux Gouleyant Malbec 2012


    Smooth - not as full bodied as expected. Elements of spice. Smooth finish. No acidity Read More

    Wine review by icbang

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