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  • Like many foodies, I adore oysters on the half shell. One of my first jobs working in a professional kitchen as a kid, after I was promoted from the pot sink, was shucking oysters and serving them iced on the half shell. I got very adept at opening them very quickly – but of course, who doesn’t prefer to have someone open their oysters for them?... Read More

    From the article Nonconformist Oyster & Wine Pairings

  • It's time to catch up on your wine reading. The New York Times released its “The Best Wine Books of 2014” list yesterday, providing wine enthusiasts with an interesting collection of tomes to tide them over through the holidays. “This year's harvest of the best new wine books includes works on Barolo and Barbaresco, a nefarious scheme to destroy... Read More

    From the article New York Times Releases "Best Wine Books" List

  • I think I had that '68 BV Cabernet in the early 2000' those days I was chatting online and going out to shows and meeting people. Guess it hasn't changed much. Anyway, I took the BV to Austin and shared it with a couple friends...I can't forget that it was one of my all time wine experiences. The cork basically exploded into the bottle so ... Read More

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  • Conterno Barbera is one of three Barberas I'd go out on a financial limb for!  My problem is I drink Barbera thoughtlessly, although that one, Roberto's CF Barbera, and the Cogno pre-phylloxera (think about how old those vines are for a minute) made me think twice about Barbera as "pizza wine."  Bag that Uccellone stuff if you want to know what ... Read More

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  • Welcome to the Forum, BMP.  We love to show off, but I would not be surprised if you "stumped the band" on this question.It does appear that current medical thought is that there are health benefits in wine, and, in fact red wine may have more benefit than white wine.  To be honest, though, I'm not sure that drinking something you don't like wil... Read More

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  • My husband and I drink German wine but would like to find a red wine that's not bitter or dry. Red wine is better for you at least that's what I hear. Does any one have a suggestion, not too pricy please under $20 would be nice, although you get what you pay for as the saying goes. Read More

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  • Came randomly but basically because of future in-laws about 25 years ago. I thought they knew all about wine and I didn't know that there was no such thing, but I wanted to learn at least enough so that I didn't seem clueless. Turns out they liked wine but really were as far from being fanatics as you can be. I didn't really figure that out unti... Read More

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  • Mine started about six years ago when I met my wife.  We played volleyball in an adult league against each other and hit it off at the bar after.  We never drank wine together (only lots of beer) and the subject never came up.  We had been "dating" a few weeks when I invited her over to make us dinner.  She said she would bring a bottle of wine.... Read More

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  • The site was down earlier (at least for me), plus we had a family emergency today.  I got a call at 0630 from Sandra's dad - her mom had a stroke Monday night at 8PM but they didn't know it at the time - she was having major difficulty with speaking and he called an ambulance at 0230, so she was in the hospital by 0400 today.  We went to visit w... Read More

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  • Earlier this month, Wines of Argentina announced theme, dates and details of the 2015 Argentina Wine Awards. The theme of the awards ceremony will be, “Women in Wine”, the organization said in a news release. “The ninth edition of the AWA … will emphasis women's empowerment and the role played by women in the industry,” Wines of Argentina said. ... Read More

    From the article Girl Power! Feminine Focus on 2015 Argentine Wine Awards

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