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  • I always carry stuff vertically, but perhaps holding things on their sides is the recommended method? (Okay, here go the Apple fanboy attacks.  I brought it on myself, in the sense that anyone who calls Trump on his stuff is waiting to be harassed and insulted.  Heck, if they are female, he'll do it without provocation.)Okay, I am sure I missed ... Read More

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  • I suppose that there are some Washington wines made from Bordeaux grapes that are unworthy, but, thankfully, it seems that they keep those for themselves and a lot of good stuff gets smuggled past the border.Drank syrah, tonight.  I guess I'm breaking another thread rule, but maybe its weekend in Bora Bora or someplace.Just a terrific wine.  It'... Read More

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  • Mjet - these days it's hard to think of a CA or WA Cab that will improve but that isn't very good out of the chute. That would include the entire Cab family - wines made as monovarietal bottlings or as blends of Merlot, Cab Franc, Cab Sauv, Malbec, Carmenere, etc. If you have a wine that's going to improve, it's likely to be pretty good on relea... Read More

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  • "Wow.  That seems pretty spendy.  I look forward to a report."Spendy!Yeah, I had no plans to do it. Bought some $5 wine too. Apparently they do their "reserve" Syrah only in certain years and it's entered in competitions all over the world, etc. So I figured that every so often I get into some kind of Syrah fest and need some off the beaten path... Read More

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  • "I think to limit the conversation to just Cali cabs is to narrow."But that was the question posed by the OP." Now I'm really confused. Where in the OP was California specified?I think it's patently absurd to talk about 'Cab Sav' (the ultimate Americanization--where'd the 'u' go?) without reference to Bordeaux, and other New World sites. I also ... Read More

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  • I appreciate all the feedback. A wine that drank excellent out of the gate for me was a 2012 Rivers Marie Cab. My wine collection is young hence the the creation of this thread. Again, any specific wines that taste great at year 3 or 4 and tastes as good or better at year 10? RF-start that thread..... Sounds educational and interesting. might be... Read More

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  • Your last line is paramount.  Though there is no data that I could dig out of my files nor on line one thing is for sure.With the advent of modern technology and changes in wine styles and tastes - I couldn't find anybody that uses oak from start to finish.  Of course right after I did that - I found this just to show:Domaine Laroche - Chablis 1... Read More

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  • It’s summer. The weather is warm and if you are like me, your thoughts are turning to more white wines rather than the hearty reds of winter. There is one style which is making a statement this season however and that is Rosé. It’s a beautiful mix of the lightness of a white wine with a bit of classy structure hinting of its origins as red wine ... Read More

    From the article Thinking Pink: The Intricacies of Making Rose

  • OT, you are really on a roll recently!  Is this how all the folks in wine country live while waiting for the grapes to grow?So Emark, your goal is to drink more than you buy, does that mean your goal is to drink lots of other folks wine?   ; pLast night was the CFOs B-Day. She wanted ribs for dinner and found a slow oven recipe she wanted to try... Read More

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  • Utter, unmitigated rubbish, not to put too fine a point on it.Chablis has been a hotbed of oak vs steel controversy for three decades now (notice that's only the tip of the iceberg in historical terms for the region--before that, plenty of oak). Major figures lead the attack from both sides of the divide, trying to make names for themselves. At ... Read More

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