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Location: Northridge, CA

I am a Certified Specialist of Wine and uncertified Wine Geek! As a Snoother, I hope to raise awareness for smaller, lesser-known but quality driver producers. Major regions I specialize in include Washington, California, Tuscany, Bordeaux, and the Douro

Wines Less Traveled: Cabernet Sauvignon

The reason behind this list is I tend to see the same wineries on "Top Cab" lists on this website and everywhere else.  Now there's nothing wrong per se with Mondavi, Caymus, Silver Oak etc but to me they don't represent good value anymore and there are plenty of great top teir cabs out there that offer both high quality and high value.  This is a short but ever growing list of great wines that in a just world would be world famous but alas are not.  I am not limiting the list to any one region (as it grows it may need to be broken up) but it will focus more on "New World" examples.

3. Moone-Tsai Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley (2008)

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It seems almost everything Philippe Melka touches turns to gold and Moone Tsai is no exception. The cab has his wonderfully well balanced touch. Fruit, tannin, acid, wood, all joining harmoniously. This cab isn't for those who are searching for those super-viscous, mega Napa cabs with 15+% alcohol. This cab is medium to full bodied and quite reserved but with many layers to discover. I'm going to be keeping my eye on this up and comer!
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