What Information Is Collected from New Clients by Call Centers for Law Firms?

What Information Is Collected from New Clients by Call Centers for Law Firms?

Call centers are a proven way for law firms to enhance the efficiency of client outreach and streamline the client intake process. For law firms that have limited resources or want to maximize cost efficiency, call centers are a great means to achieving their goals while saving valuable resources, including time and money. Instead of simply answering the phone on your firm’s behalf, call centers can prove valuable for screening, collection of essential client information, and relevant case details to significantly increase the yield of your client acquisition efforts. Here is a brief overview of the information a legal intake answering service such as Legal Conversion Center will collect from potential new clients for law firms.

Client Contact Details

Client contact details are the single most valuable form of information collected by call centers on the behalf of law firms. When a potential new client calls the firm, the call center can take the client’s information. That information includes their complete name, phone number, email address, and physical address. Collecting this information is crucial to follow up with the clients and ensure that the law firm will not miss any potentially convertible leads. Owing to their expertise in the field, call centers can perform this job effectively and significantly boost your clientele. They will be able to keep track of the details without having to overwhelm anyone.

Case Information

Call centers can also collect important case information from new clients that can help streamline the process further. A customized call script can help call centers perform this job well. The collection of information related to the type of case, details regarding an incident such as the time, date, and location, and any specific piece of information that could assist lawyers in understanding the context of the case better. It might include details of the client’s insurance, information regarding the parties involved in the incident, and any medical treatment received for the client’s injury. Overall, they are prepared to keep track of the necessary details for the law firm. That way no one’s information is lost or forgotten about.

Legal History

Call centers can collect the legal history of potential clients as part of the screening and intake process. They can ask pre-approved questions related to prior legal proceedings. Whether it is criminal or civil and any other ongoing legal matters that might influence the lawyer’s decision about taking on a particular case. Additionally, having a clear understanding of the client’s legal history can help represent them appropriately and ensure that any pending legal matters are resolved in the best possible way. Having all this information is necessary for a successful case. It also indirectly improves client satisfaction, and, in turn, client retention.

Scheduling Appointments

Once the call ends, the call center can forward a link to the law firm’s scheduling service that might allow the client to schedule an appointment with a paralegal or a lawyer for further information and formal intake. The process of scheduling appointments can be highly complicated for firms that have limited resources. However, enlisting the help of a call center can ensure that the appointment scheduling process is made more efficient for the clients and the law firm. It’s an easy way for clients to schedule appointments without any of the stress. It also helps the law firm know who is scheduling and what it might be for.


Call centers can help law firms by taking information at the point of first contact. This contract includes client contact details, case information, legal history, scheduling appointments, and more. They offer a cost-effective and highly efficient solution to law firms looking to increase the yield of their client acquisition endeavors and save valuable resources. The easier it is for the client, the happier they will be. They will leave with the satisfaction that they will be taken care of. Which means future clients for the law firm.

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