Research Paper vs. Research Article: What’s the Difference?

Research Paper vs. Research Article What’s the Difference?

Teachers assign tasks to their pupils to make a report of their understanding of a study. They are popularly considered essential for certifications in the academic world. Such two assignments are research papers and research articles.

They are two different types of academic publications that students often get mixed up as both of them require investigation, insights, assessment, and showcasing of relevant skills of the researcher. With these similarities, students are found to use the terms interchangeably by penmyessays, which is actually incorrect. Let’s find out the distinction.

What is a Research Paper?

Writing a research paper holds great importance in higher education which involves an in-depth analysis of out-of-the-box topics and then coming to a conclusion with its findings. The findings are based on authentic sources of data – facts and statistics of preexisting research or first-hand – which are well-outlined into a structure. This type of assignment helps students to develop their technical writing skills, research skills, synthesizing skills, and formatting skills. Research papers even get published if it reflects a strong value in doctoral studies.

What is a Research Article?

Research articles are usually the next step of the research study. It is a more concise version of a research paper that summarizes the main discovered points and their implications in a few numbers of pages. The scope of topics is higher than in a research article. Although, the research paper and research article follow the same writing structure, the research article focuses more on the key points that deliver the significance of the study than the statistical report. This is confirmed by the papers writing help by penmypaper. When researchers are very much conscious about their ideas being stolen or are worried about the study being duplicated, they consider publishing a research article in peer-reviewed journals where it undertakes an evaluation process just like in the case of a research paper. The motive is to educate people about their research and findings pre-hand.

Points of Differences Between a Research Paper and Research Article

Apart from the definition, there are more parameters to distinguish between the two. Read on to find out what they are.


Crafting a fine research paper has more to just getting a passing grade. It answers to –

  • Why are we doing this research?
  • How are we doing this research?
  • How are we expressing our knowledge and findings coherently and making conclusions based on the analysis?

In short, it communicates the new gained understanding and insights to the readers and demonstrates the expertise and credibility of the writer in that specific field.

Research articles, whereas, is basically a representation of the original research that highlights the methodologies used and the probable findings. The study process may fluctuate, depending on the exploration, review, assembly, etc. Yet, the raw piece of information is broken down into a much simpler language that is understandable by the broader audience. It serves as a mode of advertising or promotion inviting people to read the full paper of the study.


The impacts of a research paper are upgrading the scientific knowledge of the phenomenon, transforming policy decisions, providing solutions to practical problems, and stirring up new research questions.

The impacts of a research article include raising awareness of the original study, triggering debate, informing about the practice and process, and encouraging further investigation. How, if you ask! Approach a reliable writer and pay for a research paper to get the answer.


Being shorter than a dissertation, the length of a research paper varies according to the importance and instructions provided in the assignment guidelines. But it typically goes from 2000 words to 10000 words.

On the other hand, a research article, shorter than a research paper, ranges from 3 to 10 pages.


A research paper is more detailed than a research article, consisting of more background information, critical data analysis, matters of discussion, and well-formatted references.

Research papers have a quantitative approach, whereas, research articles are more qualitative bound.


Research papers are written by students pursuing a college degree or are in a university. These are mostly dedicated to experts and peers in a similar field as that of the researcher. Because the writing contains more technical terminologies, the audience of research papers is more specialized.

Research articles are written by scientists, researchers, and scholars. Since research articles follow a more generic language, persuasion is much simpler. Hence, it is dedicated to the more general audience who may or may not have any technical knowledge in the field.


Now you see, both research papers and research articles differ in various aspects and possess different importance. While a research paper documents a detailed examination of a topic, a research article briefs the main breakthroughs and implications of a research paper in a much-contained format.

Hopefully, this article had been able to enlighten you enough to help you with its points of distinction. Happy writing!

Written by Joshua Galyon

Joshua is a senior editor at Snooth, covering most anything of interest in the world of science and technology. Having written on everything from the science of space exploration to advances in gene therapy, he has a real soft spot for big, complicated pieces that make for excellent weekend reads.

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