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Private Wine Tasting & Lunch at Renwood Winery – Amador County, CA

Renwood Winery

Full Price: $51.00
Member Price: $25.00
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About Renwood Winery

Surrounded by rolling hills in the heart of Amador County, California, Renwood Winery has long enjoyed an enviable reputation for crafting excellent wines. 2013 marked the winery's 20th anniversary.


Enjoy Wine & Lunch with Renwood

Enjoy a private tasting in the PTR for minumum of 8 guests followed by lunch. It would last 1.5 hours and be offered at 11am. The min is 8 guests. The max is 20. It would be $25 per person. However, they would have to call me directly to make their sandwich selections and reservations. Might be good for holiday family gatherings. We could offer it Thurs -  Sundays.