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Wine & Dine Package – Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa, Pismo Beach, CA

Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa

Our Price: $645.00
Snooth Exclusive
Offer Details

Wine enthusiasts can take advantage of Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa's oceanside location in Pismo Beach, which is surrounded by world class wine country, with the Dolphin Bay Wine and Dine Package.


Whether staying for a quick weekend retreat in Pismo Beach or an extended vacation on the picturesque stretch of the California Central Coast, travelers will find that Dolphin Bay Resort offers a wide range of activities that appeal to everyone alike. Every Tuesday afternoon from 5:30 - 6:30pm, join us at the Lido Restaurant for a wine tasting hosted by Central Coast wineries, fresh fired pizzettas, and live entertainment.


Package Pricing & Details:


This exceptional package includes:


  • Two nights in a luxury accommodation for two at the Dolphin Bay Resort
  • Breakfast each morning and dinner for two at Lido Restaurant
  • Wine basket upon arrival
  • Concierge will arrange for a four hour limousine tour of local wine country. Guests enjoy complimentary tasting for 2 and exclusive discounts/promotions at select wineries.
  • Experience the spa at Dolphin Bay with a $50 resort credit - this added value is exclusive only to Snooth members
  • Prices start at $645 per night, based upon availability