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The Way Your Wine Is Meant To Be Stored

Oeno Vaults

Personal wine cellaring services
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Consolidate and protect your west coast wine purchases and save money in the process


Oeno Vaults is your solution for personal wine cellaring and management.
We offer temperature controlled pick ups from wineries throughout Napa Valley and Sonoma County. Upon receipt every bottle is inspected for quality control and entered into your on-line inventory. Your wines are then stored in our state of the art, climate controlled storage facility until you ask for them. Ship a bottle or a case, and think of the money you can save by consolidating orders from your favorite wineries and wine clubs.
Enjoy one month free, a $75 value, when you sign up for personal wine cellaring service through Snooth Concierge. Start stocking your cellar with perfectly stored wines, and enjoy wines that you can only find at the winery, with Oeno Vaults.