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The Taste of Terroir Horizontal Tasting from Trinchero Napa Valley - Napa Valley, CA

Trinchero Napa Valley

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About Trinchero Napa Valley

With a Napa Valley winemaking history that dates back to 1948, the Trinchero family has gained an exceptional international reputation for producing fine small lot wines. Through the years, they have acquired a series of small vineyard sites in specific areas of the Napa Valley, targeted for their uniqueness. Trinchero Napa Valley now draws its grapes from seven distinctive vineyard sites in five of the valley’s designated appellations, and produces its wines in a new estate located just north of downtown St. Helena. The wines are showcased in a remodeled farmhouse, which dates back to the mid 1800s. It honors its founder, Mario Trinchero, who laid the foundation for what is now one of the nation’s most successful family businesses.


Enjoy Trinchero Wines with The Taste of Terroir

The Taste of Terroir is a horizontal tasting of four of Trinchero Napa Valley’s single-vineyard cabernets and an introduction to the appellations of Napa Valley. Guests will tour the TNV property then be guided through at sit-down tasting in the Cellar Room of the winery’s Hospitality Center. The TNV culinary team will provide cheese plates with selections chosen to accentuate the wines.