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Snooth Concierge: What is it?
In our travels we have met some of the greatest, most generous, most passionate people in the wine world. We love introducing these amazing people to you.
Snooth Concierge is our new service that helps connect members with those passionate people and the work they do. Snooth Concierge will be a place for you to discover great products, services and experiences at home and on the road.
We have big plans for Snooth Concierge, and are excited for it to live up to its potential. Expect to see great members only offers on wine, travel, and education all tailored to the wine lover in all of us.
Our offering today comes with 3 distinct benefits:
  • A FREE year of Snooth Concierge (a $35 value)
  • Access to exclusive offers with member's only discount negotiated just for you
  • PLUS a $50 gift card to* as a thank you for being part of the program
Why Should I Be Excited?
Exclusive offers, great discounts, insider access.
The value of a Snooth Concierge membership today is simple: All you need to do is take advantage of a few of our special offers each year and your membership fee will returned at least five-fold in savings.
We're so convinced you'll love your membership that we're inviting you to try a year of the service for FREE with our compliments. You won't need a credit card, and we won't bill you automatically. No strings attached!
What's Part of Membership?
Everything you need to make the most out of being a wine lover.
Your membership gives you access to all the great features of plus insider access to exclusive offers. These offers are curated for members only. You'll receive periodic emails notifying you about your offers, but don't worry, we won't clog your inbox. Expect to receive your Snooth Concierge offers once a week or less frequently. 
We're very excited to bring this service to you and we hope you'll let us know how we can make it a better service for you as we grow.


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*$51 six bottle purchase required. Void where prohibited. First time customers and 21+ only. Additional restrictions apply, see complete details at Not affiliated with Naked Winery, in Hood River Oregon. Inc., Napa CA.