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Touring & Tasting Magazine

The Premier Guide to Wine Country
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For the last 19 years, Touring & Tasting has been the Premier Guide to Wine Country, offering readers the very best in wine, food, and travel.


In the latest Spring 2014 issue, Touring & Tasting takes readers to 310+ beautiful wine country destinations with exquisite wines, great accommodations, and exciting things to see and do. If you’re a foodie, you’ll appreciate Four Culinary Hot Spots East of the Rockies (p10) where you’ll read about four food-focused wine country destinations that will make you want to reach for your fork (or chopsticks). If you’re a movie buff, you’ll enjoy A Star is Born: Santa Ynez Valley (p180) recognizing the ten-year anniversary of the filming of Sideways and the impact it has made on Santa Barbara wine country. If you’re a dog owner, check out Dog Friendly Pismo Beach (p170), and spend the money you save on a pet sitter on more delicious San Luis Obispo County wine! If you seek adventure, don’t miss The Call of Traverse City (p12), and Wine Country on Foot: Destination Races Wine Country Half Marathons (p82). And, if you’re looking for a wine country region to satisfy all of your senses, turn to Tri-Valley, CA: A Tour for the Senses (p138).


Whether you are planning a trip to wine country, or you would like to visit from the comfort of your home, Touring & Tasting magazine is for you. Enjoy a 1-, 2-, or 3-year subscription and explore all that wine country has to offer!


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