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Premier Interactive Culinary Lunch with Peju

Napa Valley, CA
Full Price: $345.00
Member Price: $315.00
$30 Off
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Established in 1983, Peju is a small, family owned and operated winery located in the heart of the Napa Valley. Farming organically and sustainably, our estate-grown fruit develops into wines that exhibit a graceful pairing of power and elegance.


Your reception at Peju’s 30-acre Rutherford estate begins with a welcome wine upon arrival. You will be guided through the gardens to admire the sculptures and the beautiful setting. The tour will continue to explore the bounty of the organic gardens and conclude with a visit to our production area with a focus on sharing the history and philosophy of Peju as well as our farming and environmental practices.


Next you’ll discover the flavors of Peju – sip, sample, chop, peel and most of all have fun in this hands-on interactive culinary experience in our fully appointed kitchen. The cooking showcases simple techniques which can easily be replicated at home. After prepping lunch with Chef, hang up your apron and sit down to a three course “farm-to-table” meal that showcases the local seasonal fare of Napa Valley paired with selections from the cellar.  Immediately following lunch you will partake in a wine tasting served with housemade confections.


In addition to the tour, interactive experience, 3-course luncheon and wine tasting, a personalized Peju apron is also included!


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Terms & Conditions

Please allow three hours for this experience. Available between 10am and 4pm by prior appointment only. Voucher expires 12/31/2014.