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Harvest in Burgundy September 16-22, 2014

Bliss Travels

Grand Cru experience is designed to provide the ultimate 6 night luxury experience
Full Price: $4,000.00
Member Price: $3,500.00
$500 Off/double room
Offer Details

Be one of only 10-12 people to experience a custom wine vacation in Burgundy, France during the grape harvest. Each year, Bliss Travels' clients enjoy exclusive access things not typically available to tourists: visits to domaines not open to the public; barrel tastings led by small wine makers; private sommelier led Grand Cru tasting parties; and fabulous dining that ranges from casual market day picnics to Michelin stars and private chefs. This is a personalized, relaxed trip through Burgundy with "insiders" that is customized to reflect the preferences of each traveler on this annual wine vacation.  This is not a "group tour" with rigid schedules or stuffy events. Watch our video to learn more.  Reserve one of only 6 rooms now.


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"I did want to tell you that I was worried that our second trip (Burgundy) would not be as good as the first (to Provence) but WOW it was truly something special. I have never tasted such good wine! And your ability to get us in to places no one else gets to was outstanding. I appreciate your personal attention to detail and your ability to make it feel like we are traveling with friends-which we are now. Bordeaux Next!"  -T.T. (Atlanta, GA 2013)


"I had the most wonderful trip to Burgundy...As a former head of the Bordeaux wine society in Washington, DC, but a great lover of Burgundies, I can tell you that all of my expectations were exceeded, from the pre-Burgundy days in Paris, during which I experienced things I had not, despite living in Paris for almost 5 years, to the Burgundy Adventure…it was the best vacation of its type I had ever taken. "  - D.T. (Washington D.C. 2011)


September 16-22, 2014 

Burgundy & Paris Grand Cru Wine Vacation*:  $5,400 pp/dbl room 

(discount for Snooth members: $700/dbl room)

Burgundy &  Paris Custom Wine Vacation*: $3,500 pp/dbl room 

(discount for Snooth members: $500/dbl room)

*Difference between the two trips is level of luxury of lodging and the inclusion of Grand Cru tastings and Michelin starred and private chef dining

** Special gift from Bliss Travels for all Snooth Concierge members redeeming this offer.