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Cold Nights, Warm Hearts with Napa River Inn – Napa, CA

Napa River Inn

You bring the excitement.
Full Price: $898.00
Member Price: $649.00
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About Napa River Inn

Tucked inside the Historic Napa Mill, the elegant and historic Napa River Inn delivers the quintessential Napa neighborhood experience. The attractive boutique hotel offers world-class dining, local specialty shopping, and live entertainment along downtown Napa’s riverfront, giving guests of the Napa River Inn an ideal vantage point for experiencing Napa’s burgeoning nightlife.


What better way to stoke the fires of love than an intimate getaway?

Napa River Inn will provide the setting, and you bring the excitement. Two nights, room with a fireplace, couples massage, sparkling wine with chocolate-covered strawberries delivered to your room and breakfast in bed.


  • Historic Deluxe Room with fireplace and slipper bathtub
  • Couples Massage
  • Sparkling and Strawberries
  • Breakfast in Bed and many resort amenities included.