How to Check Online Eligibility to Enter a Contest

How to Check Online Eligibility to Enter a Contest

Joining an online contest or game is surely exciting, especially if it’s a lottery or something similar. But before you click on that ‘register’ link, you’ll need to ensure that you’re eligible to join.

To become a KBC lottery winner you will need to determine if you can join, then register to gain an entry on the official website.

KBC Lottery Eligibility

Eligibility status starts in the KBC when the season officially opens. Currently, the reality show is entering its 14th season, with millions of viewers and hopefuls. The cash jackpot is nothing to sneeze at- you can go from zero to millionaire if your number is picked.

The KBC lottery is open to those of legal age and natural citizens of the country of origin. You will need a smartphone with a phone number, a valid ID and the ability to answer questions.

Are You Eligible to Join?

The best way to determine is to visit the official resource site, and check there. You will see helpful information, as well as phone numbers of corresponding staff who can determine if you’re eligible for the draw.

Once you’ve registered then you will be assigned a KBC lottery number. Then, it’s just a matter of watching the show and waiting for your number to be called. If not, you can try again and register using the same phone number on the main website.

KBC is a great way to try and make money online. It takes less than 5 minutes to join and you can earn a lot of money if you’re lucky. However, it’s still best to exercise care and not fall for scams on the internet. If possible, stay on the official site and do not give out your personal details to anyone else, even if they say they work at KBC.

Written by Joshua Galyon

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