Everything for the Data Center – Software for Data Centers

Everything for the Data Center – Software for Data Centers

Discover the complete set of modular and integrated software tools from PrivateProxy: data center software allows you to model, plan uptime, reduce OpEx, and improve the technical parameters of the data center. Data center deployment becomes more accessible with our suite of standardized services, including our software designed for installation, configuration, integration, and training. Thanks to data center software, using energy, activity, and asset analysis methods, it is easier for managers to collect and analyze data, and prepare financial or production reports for a single facility or the whole company.

Data Center: Operations

Using PrivateProxy method of analyzing the energy consumption, activities, and assets of a group of facilities, managers can collect, analyze data and prepare financial and production reports for a single facility or the entire company.

Data Center Operation: IT Optimization

Reduce IT system energy consumption through in-depth server utilization optimization.

Data Center Operation

Instant overview of the current state of the data center with inventory, EEE calculator, alarms, and more.

Data Center Operation: Capacity

Optimize capacity with a comprehensive data center model for efficient system planning.

Data Center Operation: Change

Workflow management tools.

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Data Center: Cooling Optimization

Dynamically eliminates hot spots and saves energy.

Data Center: Control and Management

With PrivateProxy’s systems, device, and infrastructure process management solutions, on-site managers can manage energy consumption and processes down to the device level, preventing outages and eliminating interference.

A vendor-independent, secure cloud-based solution that puts you in control of your physical IT infrastructure.

Scalable monitoring software that collects, organizes and distributes information about critical devices.


Get everything at once. Simplify your data center deployment with our proven suite of standardized services, including our software designed for installation, configuration, integration, and training.

Software installation

Installation and registration of management software according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Software Configuration

Get the most out of your investment with a fast and accurate system configuration.

Software Integration

Planning, managing, and designing management software integration.

Software Education

Get the most out of your investment by gaining hands-on skills and best practices for your customized system.

Software for data centers – modeling and planning

Cloud-based software that allows data center managers to reduce operating costs, plan uptime, and more.

Equipment of the data processing center (back office) of the WIM system

Data Processing Center (DPC) – the back office of the dynamic weighing system – is a fault-tolerant hardware and software complex protected from unauthorized access.

The back-office of the WIM system provides fully automatic processing, collection, and archiving of data for at least 50 (fifty) dynamic weighing sites for 10 (ten) or more calendar years with a traffic intensity of 50,000 vehicles per day in one direction.

The hardware of the data center

The equipment of the data center of the dynamic weighing system includes the following main components:

Workstations for administrators, inspectors, and WIM dispatchers

  • Server cabinet
  • Ethernet switch
  • Main server
  • Backup server
  • Database storage
  • Network screen (firewall)
  • Network video recorder
  • Uninterruptible power supply with a capacity of 3 kVA
  • Servers of exact time according to NTP protocol
  • Workplaces of administrators and dispatchers

Purpose and functionality of the WIM back office

The main purpose of the back office of the dynamic weighing system is to centralize and process system data for the following purposes:

  • providing a convenient tool for detecting vehicles exceeding the threshold axle load, which move in the area of any dynamic weighing site, with a probability of 95%;
  • creation of databases to perform the tasks of the WIM system;
  • development of a number of special statistical reports in formats based on the above databases;
  • disclosure of additional operational information to authorized law enforcement agencies.

Reducing the likelihood of a power outage

The consequences of a power outage of just a few seconds can be catastrophic. That’s why we offer reliable distribution equipment, data center power systems, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to ensure a reliable and quality power supply.

When setting up your data center configuration, we can also apply a disaster recovery program to ensure that your data and network are protected from any disaster and that your business is able to restore functionality without any loss. Our products provide a high level of availability and reliability, and the ability to adapt to deteriorating power parameters, and insufficient cooling, thus reducing the time spent on repairs and maintenance.

Consistently high performance

Our innovative transformerless UPS design reduces the use of raw materials and transportation costs and saves usable space. In addition, our Energy Savings System (ESS), part of our Energy Efficiency Architecture, is the first to protect large three-phase UPSs operating in economy or energy saving mode from harmonic fluctuations in power characteristics, providing the right power factor and balancing the electrical load for improved reliability and performance. We allow you to analyze the nature of electricity consumption, identify energy losses and truly save energy. Our experience and technology have allowed us to create the best products and services that ensure the most efficient use of your resources – electricity, water, people, technology, space, and capital.

Protecting data, equipment, and employees

Our products are designed specifically to protect all valuable resources and the people who manage and work with them. That’s because we understand what is truly valuable. To protect data, equipment, and personnel, we provide arc fault diagnostics, retrofit programs, and safety system audits. In addition, we participate in operator safety training. In addition, our predictive diagnostics and instrumentation help prevent faults before they happen.

Data processing centers (DPC)

Integrated solutions for data centers

Maximum uptime. The highest coefficient of energy efficiency. Full scalability. The maximum level of security and protection. The stakes are high in this matter, as data center managers face many challenges. That’s why we’ve combined our extensive experience and expertise in data center services to support them in a variety of areas. At PrivateProxy, we do this with a comprehensive portfolio of integrated data center solutions and global security optimization services for reliable operation – day after day, around the clock. Learn more about our advanced data center solutions using the links on this page, or contact our experts.

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