Are the Toyota EV Plans Finally Taking Shape?

Are the Toyota EV Plans Finally Taking Shape?

Despite facing irregularities in their production schedule due to the universal chip shortage, Toyota still continues to be the world’s biggest carmaker. It is already considering breaking production records to make up for lost sales.

But while doing that, it is also causing a stir in the world of electric vehicles. That’s right, Toyota is making moves that are set to make the company’s future much greener. But, weren’t Toyota moving towards hydrogen power?

Is Toyota Going Electric or Hydrogen?

Toyota is known to prefer combustion engines over electric ones. The company has stated that it feels like the world isn’t ready for EVs. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re not aiming to go greener.

Their hydrogen exploits are well known to everyone as they consider carbon the “enemy”. Toyota is working hard to implement the usage of hydrogen combustion, no matter how difficult it is.

In the near future however, they’re pushing for all-electric vehicles. This will be a major breakthrough for the EV segment as Toyota is well known for their reliability.

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Toyota’s Electric Vehicle Plans?

The company has big plans for EV production as they aim to feature more than a dozen all-electric models in the next couple of years. It’ll spend a whopping sum of around $13.5 billion just on producing EV batteries.

The following are some actions taken by Toyota that could prove to be gamechangers in the world of EVs:

Toyota invests in EV parts plant in the US

Toyota’s North American division has taken hits not only because of the above-mentioned semiconductor chip shortage. But it has also been halted due to the Canadian trucker issue.

That being said, the company is undeterred and it recently expanded its production of EV parts in two American manufacturing plants. Toyota put forth a hefty sum of $90 million to add to its production lines.

Keep in mind that these funds have been spent in the same Buffalo plant that received more than $200 million last year for a non-EV investment. Toyota plans on spending a lot more; indicated by the billions of dollars stated above.

So, what exactly will this factory produce in addition to what’s already manufactured there? At the moment, it will make hundreds of thousands of rear motor stators; a valuable part of any electric motor. 

Toyota patents EV manual gearbox design

But they’re not just throwing money around as the company’s research is also hard at work. They’ve already announced and featured lots of new tech and they’re not stopping with their latest patent applications making the rounds.

It seems like Toyota plans on making a new type of gearbox for their EVs. The design on the patents indicate that the new transmission can be with or without gears depending on the mode you put it in.

This can be a big deal because only Porsche and Audi have been able to do so. But remember that these automakers make premium level vehicles. Toyota may be bringing this tech to the regular EVs of the future.

The system may use a clutch to be operated by the user themselves. According to the patent, the company may also give the user a choice between the multi-gear transmission or a gearless one.
Toyota releases images of future Lexus EV cars

Lexus is a symbol of Toyota’s capability in the luxury car segment. Today, Lexus cars are known to be premium, yet a more reliable (and well-priced) alternative to German cars. This can easily be the case a couple of years later.

The company featured their BEV lineup that showcases a several futuristic sports cars. Included in this lineup are sports car, crossover, sedan and SUV concepts. All the cars look extraordinarily stylish and will be very sporty.

The information regarding these vehicles isn’t much however. We could very well see them in the timespan between 2025-30 like their Toyota counterparts.

What we do know is that they’ll also be very efficient. Lexus did make a statement regarding the sports car though; basically, you can expect it to do around 430 miles of range in a single full charge.

Toyota working on new EV platform or skateboard

Toyota is working with Indian car giants Maruti Suzuki on making a new EV skateboard. This will be an EV platform, that will cater to many vehicles in different segments.

The major plus point here is that it will come with better batteries and will offer the consumers a bigger cabin. This partnership can do wonders not just for both companies, but also for the auto industry in general.

Written by Joshua Galyon

Joshua is a senior editor at Snooth, covering most anything of interest in the world of science and technology. Having written on everything from the science of space exploration to advances in gene therapy, he has a real soft spot for big, complicated pieces that make for excellent weekend reads.

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