5 Fantastic Party Games That Will Keep Your Guests Entertained

5 Fantastic Party Games That Will Keep Your Guests Entertained

Parties can be a lot of fun, but they can also get kind of boring if you let them. To keep things interesting and to ensure that everyone has a good time, you should involve some games. Here are some suggestions for some of the best party games that will keep your guests entertained throughout the night. The live in-play betting games are great for parties of any size and will work well as ice-breakers or as partacles for a more competitive atmosphere.

Beer Pong

Beer pong is a classic party game that involves teams trying to sink balls into cups placed on a table covered with a sheet of plastic or a net. It is a great ice-breaker and good for all types of parties. There are a few different variations of beer pong that you can try out to make things a little more interesting.

Stair Scramble

Stair scrambles are a great way to get everyone involved and help everyone get to know each other. You need a large room with stairs leading up to a platform and then down to another set of stairs. You need to set up stations around the room and then stations at each end of the room. For example, you can have station one for books and station two for musical instruments.


Charades is a classic that never gets old. You need to set up a table with a board and then a bunch of different symbols and pictures. For example, you can have pictures of flowers and trees on the table, words like “love,” and pictures of couples holding hands. You then need to have the guests take turns drawing a symbol or drawing a picture that have to have to have something in common with the card that is drawn before them.

Poker game

Playing poker at a party is a great way to have fun with your friends. You can play for money or just for the thrill of the game. Poker has been around for centuries and has evolved into one of the most popular card games in the world. It is played in casinos, homes, and even on TV. There are many variations of poker that you can play too!

Spin The Bottle

This is a fun game that you can use for parties. You need a bottle, a room with low walls, and a bunch of people who are willing to spin the bottle. You then need to have a bunch of people in the room who are willing to try to spin the bottle. The spinning person then has to try to get someone to kiss them. You can make this game a little more competitive by having two spinners at a time or you can make it more casual by just having a group of people spinning the bottle.


If you want to keep your guests entertained and engaged, you should try some of these party games. They are easy to set up and can be played without much setup. These games are also great for any age group, as they can be played by almost anyone. Some of the games require a little bit of finesse, but most can be played in a casual atmosphere.

Written by Joshua Galyon

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