4 Benefits of Chiropractic Massage

4 Benefits of Chiropractic Massage

A chiropractic massage consists of a combination of holistic chiropractic methods and massage therapy to promote nervous system and spine health. A chiropractor uses this massage to relieve vertebral subluxations, which are misaligned joints in the spine. These adjustments allow joints to be properly realigned and remove any pain or tension in the spine or limbs. If you happen to live in high-altitude places such as Colorado where joints are more susceptible to inflammation, finding time for a chiropractic massage in Denver might be beneficial to you.

We will look at the top 4 benefits of chiropractic massage so you can learn about the fantastic benefits of these treatment options and why you should consider them for your discomfort and pain.

What Symptoms and Conditions Can a Chiropractic Massage Treat?

Are you ready for some relief? A chiropractic massage can help a wide variety of chronic conditions, and your massage therapist will work closely with your chiropractor to discuss how and where to massage to help relieve pain and other symptoms. Below you’ll find common symptoms and conditions that a chiropractic massage will soothe and improve:

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain

Chiropractic massages are excellent pain relievers; on top of that, it helps relax your muscles. People who experience chronic back pain will benefit from a chiropractic massage – even those with Fibromyalgia, a chronic nerve pain condition, have successfully relieved their nerve pain with these massages. It’s important to note that few studies affirm the effectiveness of chiropractic massages; however, many patients have experienced its ability to decrease muscle spasms and reduce stress hormones.


Those with arthritis have also been able to relieve their pain with chiropractic massages. A few studies have suggested that consistent treatments help alleviate pain caused by arthritis because they increase the range of motion, oxygenation, and blood flow. Furthermore, because a lot of people that have arthritis also suffer from chronic back pain, getting chiropractic massages is an effective way to manage both arthritis and chronic back pain at once. If your arthritis is chronic, a doctor might prescribe taking supplements such as Arthrozene by Fisico alongside a detailed chiropractic massage plan to expedite pain relief.

Inflammation & Injuries

A wide variety of health and medical issues can lead to inflammation. This can be something as simple as too much exercise or something more severe like injuries or rheumatoid arthritis. Thankfully, chiropractic massages have been shown to lower inflammation in a variety of patients with various inflammatory conditions.

Patients who have sustained injuries are just as likely to relieve pain with chiropractic massages as those with inflammatory conditions. Lower inflammation means more relief and less chronic pain.

Relieve Lower Back Pain

According to multiple neurological disease experts, about 80% of people will experience lower back pain at some point in their life. Lower back injury or strain can result from aging, accidents, heavy lifting, exercise, or sports. Fortunately, there are multiple medical treatments available for lower back pain.

Standard treatments usually involve surgical procedures and pain management. However, the Mayo Clinic recommends that those with lower back pain consider alternative forms of treatment. Patients may be able to recover completely with core strengthening, rest, good posture, and chiropractic massage.

Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Patients who experience chronic pain often also experience mental health issues.
Research demonstrates that chiropractic techniques can relieve anxiety and depression in patients. These techniques include massage, joint manipulation, and trigger point release, acting as a type of therapy and leaving patients feeling calmer. It also provides a positive effect on the patient’s overall mood and well-being.

Ease Muscle Tension

Chiropractic massage therapy reduces stress and decreases muscle tension. This creates a greater sense of relaxation and well-being. In today’s fast-paced society, we value strenuous exercise regimes and long work hours. Our calendars are often fully packed, and our schedules can keep us from getting the amount of sleep that our bodies really need.

Many of us don’t take the time to relax and heal our overworked bodies and our muscular systems and joints, which are tired. One of the significant advantages of chiropractic massage is that it calms your body down and de-escalates its stress response. It allows patients to feel soothed and relaxed.

Increase Circulation

The massage therapy that chiropractors execute helps improve blood circulation. A circulatory system that’s more active and healthy can offer a wide variety of benefits. These include reduced sensitivity to the cold, increased energy, improved heart health, and more.

The circulatory system supplies both oxygen and blood to our cells and organs. When our circulatory rate is not as healthy as it could be, it can damage the way other systems in the body function. Our bodies rely on a circulatory system that works efficiently to keep us regulated. You can also improve your circulation on your own with breathing practices, good posture, and exercise.

Reduce Headaches

While back pain is the top complaint for patients, headaches are not too far behind. Due to the most common lifestyle these days being heavily reliant on phones and computers, we often hunch over desks and position ourselves in awkward ways. This behavior encourages poor spine and head alignment, leading to headaches. Chiropractic massage and manipulation can help to ease sinus pressure, migraine, and tension headaches.

How Often Should You Get a Chiropractic Massage?

If you find that your daily activities are impeded by pain, it’s a good idea to give a chiropractic massage a try. How often you should visit a chiropractor’s office to get this massage done will vary depending on your situation. For sudden injuries like muscle sprains and strains, plan on visiting a chiropractor at least once a week until your symptoms go away. For chronic conditions like arthritis and back pain, plan on visiting your chiropractor every two weeks.

Who is Eligible for Chiropractic Massage?

Everyone is eligible for a chiropractic massage. People of all ages and medical conditions can benefit from this type of massage, including chronic pain sufferers, athletes with sports injuries, or pregnant women. Additionally, chiropractic massage is a non-invasive alternative to surgery and medications and is drug-free.

The Bottom Line

A lot of people are living more comfortable, fuller lives with the help of chiropractic massage therapy that’s combined with other elements. Have you been suffering from symptoms with no solution in sight? With chiropractic massage therapy, relief may be right around the corner for you.

Written by Joshua Galyon

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