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Paul Masson wines from California are infamous for the catchphrase popularized in the 1970s TV ads with actor Orson Welles, “Well sell no wine before it’s time.” The wines are named for the company founder, a French wine-making pioneer who first arrived in San Francisco in 1878. In the late 1880s, he began producing what was then called Paul Masson Champagne of California, which went on to win the 1890 Paris Exposition. From there he established the Paul Masson winery, now the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA. Paul Masson Cellars has become a separate brand, still producing the inexpensive line of wines once shilled by Welles, including sparkling wines (which can no longer legally be called “California Champagne”), dry wines such as Rhine Castle and Chablis, brandy, and fortified wines. 

– Description from Amanda Schuster

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  • Pinot Noir

    “With so voluptuous a perfume, so sweet an edge, they make the blood run hot,” Joel Fleischman, wine columnist at Van...

  • Palomino

    History of the grape: Palomino is split into three types: Palomino Fino, Palomino de Jerez and Palomino Basto. All of...

  • Zinfandel

    Parentage of the grape: Crljenak to Austria to America. In the 1970s, claims surfaced that the Italian Primitivo is l...

  • Chardonnay

    British wine writer and critic, Jancis Robinson, once noted that throughout the 80’s and 90’s in the United States, C...

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Paul Masson on Snooth

  • College girl friend introduced me to wine.  Many will laugh at the brands ... ... that we drank, Almaden, Paul Masson (way before Orson Welles), maybe, if we felt flush, Inglenook, and, yes, of course, Lancers.  She went her way, and I went mine.  My appreciation of wine over the last forty-something years has never seen meteoric growth, but ... Read More

    Forum post in the topic How did your wine interest...

  • Mine started about six years ago when I met my wife.  We played volleyball in an adult league against each other and hit it off at the bar after.  We never drank wine together (only lots of beer) and the subject never came up.  We had been "dating" a few weeks when I invited her over to make us dinner.  She said she would bring a bottle of wine.... Read More

    Forum post in the topic How did your wine interest...

  • Maybe it was called Paul Masson Sparkling Chablis (instead of Cracklin' Chablis)? Does anyone remember this Chablis?

    Comment by 1572407IAmACabLover 1572407 IAmACabLover

  • Where can I find a bottle of Paul Masson Cracklin' Chablis? I used to get it around 1976 - 1986 but have been unable to find it since then.

    Comment by 1572407IAmACabLover 1572407 IAmACabLover

  • Only two dozen, DV, or are you thinking 'a couple' in its loose usage ... it was another old label, Paul Masson. Like Christian Brothers, after multiple ownership changes, if you see them at all nowadays you only see them for brandy and the like. My mom used to like their 'chablis' Read More

    Forum post in the topic Your fave Cab under $20?!

  • Whats your favorite penny saving cab and WHY?!  :)To make it easier, feel free to follow this format! Name: Belle AmbiencePrice (roughly): $9Why: Deep fruity notes of red berries, cherries and  a little vanilla dolce at the end. A perfect way to wind down and relax in the evening after a long hard day at work. Read More

    Forum post in the topic Your fave Cab under $20?!

  • Yes, OT, to riff on Orson Welles and Paul Masson, it was definitely past its time.  A bit tart, not a lot of cabernet taste.I stored that one in the house for, maybe, 10 years before we installed the temperature-controlled storage unit.  So, it may have had some bad days. Read More

    Forum post in the topic Pinot Throw Down for West...

  • Into the Time Tunnel (this time without James Darren, Robert Colbert and Lee Meriwether) but perhaps with an NV Cold Duck in tow.  Revivalists... gotta love em..Next stop: Inglenook Chablis... from 1973 of course. Read More

    Forum post in the topic Value of Paul Masson Very...

  • Duncan,Do you realize that you just responded to a 4 year old thread by a one time poster expecting the OP is going to read it? Read More

    Forum post in the topic Value of Paul Masson Very...

  • James Comiserations on being robbed.Perhaps your plumber left four bottles behind because he could not carry all sixteen at once.Have you challenged him about the disappearing wine or told the police? Muchcabouche I do not know whether to call this another theft or the spoils of war but  after Waterloo Napoleon's baggage train and himself were c... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Value of Paul Masson Very...

  • Talk about a random thread revival. We're did THAT one come from? Read More

    Forum post in the topic Value of Paul Masson Very...

  • I don't know much about any value after such a long time, but as a one time drinker of Paul Masson Very Cold Duck in the 1970-1 time frame I can tell you that it was delicious. Read More

    Forum post in the topic Value of Paul Masson Very...

  • I have enjoyed drinking Paul Masson Rhine Castle wine for several years. Although I have tried more expensive, they can not compare. If, in fact, you have discontinued production I'm very disappointed and wonder why! Reading other comments, it sounds like I'm not the only one enjoying this wine. I live in Michigan, and if you are still produci...

    Comment by 1301539Snoother 1301539 1301539 Snoother 1301539

  • I have been drinking Rhine Castle for 40 years. Please continue making this wine and shipping to Texas. I am lost without it

    Comment by 1272243kathyb27 1272243 kathyb27

  • I have a bottle of Paul Masson Rare Tawny Port Cuvée no 402 the bottle is in a heart shape Could you please tell me what value it would be worth today please? Kind Regards Margie Kerber Australia

    Comment by 1280194Snoother 1280194 1280194 Snoother 1280194

  • Where can I purchase Paul Masson Rhine Castle Wine /

    Comment by 1265275Snoother 1265275 1265275 Snoother 1265275

  • Having been a fan of Paul Masson Rhine Castle I am so disappointed that you have stopped production. As I have searched the area for the last of the bottle and bought the few I could find please reconsider the brand as it seems as I am not the only fan.

    Comment by 1258085Snoother 1258085 1258085 Snoother 1258085

  • i have a bottle of your rare cream sherry it's in the shape of a heart and was wondering if you could tell me how old it is and if it's worth anything

    Comment by 1021941mrcook420 1021941 mrcook420

  • can i buy your wine in australia ,i hope so,what a great wine

    Comment by 951087kingsville 951087 kingsville

  • My exhusband use to work for Paul Masson. I never thought I would se them bottle again. Paul Masson has some of the best wine besides Nape. I am so happy that paul Masson Is producing wine again. and I'm glad I can buy on line. My husband now would really like their port. thank you for bottle again. I think when it was in Santa Clara Valley I ta...

    Comment by 903386pinenut1 903386 pinenut1

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