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Matthew Fox is a private label brand sold exclusively at Marc’s discount stores chain in Ohio. This is the chain’s answer to popular private label brands such as Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck. Matt Fox wines are available as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Chardonnay and White Zinfandel. 

– Description from Amanda Schuster

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  • Zinfandel

    Parentage of the grape: Crljenak to Austria to America. In the 1970s, claims surfaced that the Italian Primitivo is l...

  • Chardonnay

    British wine writer and critic, Jancis Robinson, once noted that throughout the 80’s and 90’s in the United States, C...

  • Merlot

    The Occitanian word “merlot” translates to “young blackbird.” An accurate description for this popular, early-budding...

  • Syrah

    The irony here is that Syrah’s origins could give Carmen Sandiego a run for her international wallet. Syrah’s deepest...

  • Cabernet Sauvignon

    “King of the Red Wine Grapes.” The colonizer of the vineyards, pushing native wine grapes into its shadows. The Caber...

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Matthew Fox on Snooth

  • Yes, it's a fine tasting wine, wish it was available in California and Nevada

    Comment by 2167360southamerican1 2167360 southamerican1

  • Matthew Fox Merlot California


    No written review

    Wine review by tdbangor

  • This is not your first Thanksgiving rodeo. It's not ours, either. We've brought you a panoply of Thanksgiving table wine suggestions over the past ten years. There was the time we assured you that Thanksgiving wines wouldn't break your bank. In fact, we've discussed Thanksgiving value wines time and time again. We've been here for you during Tha... Read More

    From the article The Ultimate Thanksgiving Wine List

  • This book looks enticing but was looking for feedback from anyone who may have read it. Thanks Read More

    Forum post in the topic Was wondering if anyone's...

  • I absolutely love Matthew Fox Wines! I absolutely love Marc's Discount Stores, which is where I get my Matthew Fox stash. My favorite is White Zinfandel, followed by Merlot. I have a small stock of wine glasses that I like to sample them with, as the differently shaped glasses will give off various aroma and flavor. Did I say I love Matthew Fox ...

    Comment by 1985332Ada Menefee 1985332 Ada Menefee

  • Do you sell this any where in the Tampa, Florida area? Really like it!!!!! Bill

    Comment by 1902886Snoother 1902886 1902886 Snoother 1902886

  • Is there a way to find out where Matthew Fox is sold? The search function is NOT working. I can get it locally where I am now, but I'm moving 3 states over, and 'search' gives me the same 2 NY results for both zip codes.

    Comment by 1887810Andrea Barnett 1887810 Andrea Barnett

  • My absolute favorite wine is Matthew Fox Cabernet Sauvignon for red wine and the Chardonnay in the white. I live in Florida and cannot find it anywhere. When I go to Ohio I buy a case of each to bring home with me.

    Comment by 1807074Snoother 1807074 1807074 Snoother 1807074

  • The corks for some reason would not budge, stuck in the bottles, never had this problem before..

    Comment by 1802221Snoother 1802221 1802221 Snoother 1802221

  • Matthew Fox Cabernet Sauvignon California 2009


    No written review

    Wine review by 1533590Patricia Evans 1533590 Patricia Evans

  • Matthew Fox Cabernet Sauvignon California 2009


    I like this a whole lot. It is extremely affordable and delicious. I prefer it to $10 and $15 bottles and it's only about $3.75 where I buy it.....unbelievable!!!!!!great wine. I also like the merlot and zinfandel from this brand Read More

    Wine review by scrappy777

  • Generally it is very good. I just opened a bottle with 2 different corks and think that it tastes watery. Never saw double cork before! Can't really complain about a $3 bottle of wine!!!

    Comment by 1513159Snoother 1513159 1513159 Snoother 1513159

  • California, the land of sunshine, free spirits, and big wines. Right? Yes, of course, all that is true but today we are seeing that free spirited attitude change the paradigm for wine production. Some might say that we are witnessing a return to a different style of wine. Fresher, lower in alcohol and having more in common with wines produced se... Read More

    From the article The "New" California

  • I live in Hawaii and am starting to fall in love with Matthew Fox. The Cab has been so smooth and rich bodied and paired so well with our meals that we are branching out to try the different wines. Tonight with chicken I will try the Chardonnay....get back to you soon!

    Comment by 1473962Carol Yasutake 1473962 Carol Yasutake

  • I had couple bottle around 10 years old. Is it make any different in price or taste? Please be advise. Thank and have a nice holidays.

    Comment by 1422277duc truong 1422277 duc truong

  • Matthew Fox Chardonnay California


    Great chardonnay at a great price Read More

    Wine review by WA2941

  • So I am going to Napa tomorrow for a few days.  I have some prearranged plans that cannot be changed, but have some limited  time for tasting.As "napagirl", I should already know exactly where to go.  The problem is, I get stuck into that rut of going to the ones I like, the old faves, over and over.  I would love to hear your recommendations an... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Impromptu Napa trip... Where...

  • There is a reason American's have become wine snobs. The average joe and jane drink beer or mix their redbull with vodka. Here, wth exceptions, it's mostly upper middle class or higher. In Europe the average folk do drink wine, and they drink cheap wine with no pedigree nor do they trouble themselves with vintage. Mathew Fox fits that bill. I...

    Comment by 1180829Snoother 1180829 1180829 Snoother 1180829

  • I'm heading to LA for a dinner with Numanthia on Thursday June 14th, hopefully I'll see some of you there, but if anyone is up for dinner on the day either before or after that day let me know. I'm making plans soon so I just want to line something up before b uying the tickets! Read More

    Forum post in the topic Dinner in LA? June 13 or 15.

  • Matthew Fox Chardonnay Madera 2005


    So I'm the only review so far? Come on people, drink it, it's totally awesome! Especially the way the economy is today! I've tried them all and they are "GREAT"! Read More

    Wine review by alanb1108

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