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In our family, two businesses are under one roof: One is our prestigious “Weingut “, or, “Domaine” as the French would say, Weingut Selbach-Oster which has been family property since 1660 and from whose experience and quality philosophy the J & H Selbach wines benefit. The other one is J. & H. Selbach Weinkellerei, our négociant and broker business. Both belong to the family and are managed with the same quality philosophy. J. & H. Selbach has a long tradition as a négociant of the old style, just like many of today’s négociants in Burgundy: Selecting juice and young wines from single vineyards and from good small producers in the villages and offering them, along with a comprehensive selection of good regional wine to the markets in Europe and abroad. Most of the juice and wines comes from the same growers every year, some of whom already my grandfather had a business relationship with. It is the long personal relationship that enables us to keep a consistent and high standard. Compared to the regular German Weinkellerei or Cooperative, J. & H. Selbach is small and very specialized on the high end of that market segment. Through J. & H. Selbach brokering, we can offer our customers also an extensive selection of some of Germany’s finest estate wines at very competitive prices. Wine philosophy: Our philosophy is to make elegant, crisp, low-alcohol but full-flavoured wines which the Mosel has become famous for. Our ideal is to make wines that reflect the “parents” of the wine, i.e. the mineral-rich slate soil and ripe, juicy Riesling fruit. In order to do that, it takes excellent vineyards, careful vineyard and yield management, very selective handpicking and, if necessary, making three passes through the same vineyard. The grapes are gently pressed at low pressure, the juice settles by gravity, not by centrifuge and is then fermented in a cool cellar at cool temperatures, mostly with it’s own, wild yeast. Only for wines which MUST ferment to total dryness do we add cultured yeast. We produce Riesling in all styles, from very dry to lusciously sweet, from elegant and light to complex and rich, depending what Nature allows. – Description from selbachzeltingen

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