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The Family Business: Our History The Giordano family has been producing wine in Valle Talloria since 1900 At Giordano the art of producing fine wine is deeply rooted in a tradition which has been proudly passed on from father to son for over 100 years. For four generations this tradition has been fuelled by a love for the land, a passion for one's work, a respect for the lessons only experience can teach as well as by a quiet satisfaction in one's achievements. Each generation has contributed its own particular mark of personality and innovation without ever forsaking its roots. Using state of the art techniques and equipment offers us the opportunity of being able to create an ever wider range of products. At the same time this has allowed us to bring the quality of our products to the highest level, a fact that is widely appreciated both in Italy and abroad. Yet the people who work at the Giordano winery have remained proudly attached to the rural tradition in which this business is steeped, jealously guarding those rituals , that have always gone into making good wine, remaining true to their hearts and true to nature. The Cellars: Our Traditions Going down to the cellar and walking amongst the oak barrels, tasting wines directly from the cask is a ritual that is practised daily by Ferdinando Giordano and his son Gianni. The real heart and history of Giordano lies in the cellars of Valle Talloria d'Alba, where the wine is aged. For over one hundred years this is where all aspects of the winery's activity took place. Crushing, fermentation, ageing, bottling, stocking and shipping were all carried out here. As time passed, many of these activities were moved to the buildings that now surround the cellar . Today the sole inhabitants of these historic halls are the large oak barrels and smaller barriques in which Giordano's most prestigious red wines are aged. Set in the magnificent landscape of the Langhe hills amongst vineyards, woods, castles and farmhouses, Giordano's cellars are the destination of many wine lovers who visit to re-stock their cellars with their favourite bottles knowing that they will always receive a warm welcome. Deep in the heart of the cellars, behind a wrought iron grate, lies a long,narrow corridor known in the local dialect as the "infernot".Here bottles of the winery's most precious reserves are hoarded, some for over 50 years. Wines & Specialty Foods: Our Pride Experience, know how, careful selection of the best grapes, total control of quality in every phase of winemaking and above all passion! These are the ingredients that go into the making of a quality wine, a wine worthy of Italy's highest wine making traditions! These are the same ingredients that make up the Giordano range of wines. A range that extends from classic geographic appellation wines (D.O.C.s and D.O.C.G.s) from Piedmont to the excellent wines of southern Italy produced at Giordano's Torricella winery in Apulia, as well as wines from many of Italy's most renowned viticultural regions. Likewise Giordano's speciality food items are prepared with the finest ingredients and according to time honoured traditional recipes. Only after rigorous quality and taste testing can they be sold under the Giordano label and grace the tables of Giordano's discerning customers. Customer Satisfaction: Our Pledge To Serve Giordano is not so much a company as a group of people at the service of the customer: our strength is the direct relationship we establish with you our customer. Questions need answers, whether it is a request for information about our products, a query as to delivery times, payment methods, or how to send a gift to a friend, client or loved one Giordano's friendly customer service is always on hand to respond clearly and rapidly and to answer any doubts. Because at Giordano our customers come before everything else. Maintaining The Edge: Our Ambition The quality of a wine is firstly the result of the work that takes place in the vineyard and of the selection of the best quality grapes. However, it is in the delicate phase of vinification that a wine's essential qualities are brought out. Qualities that will be polished and enhanced through maturation in barrel or bottle and will be released in the glass when the wine is finally opened and enjoyed. It is for this reason that Giordano is committed to the continual updating of its wine making technology and training of its highly qualified viticultural and oenological staff. The entire cycle - from the pressing of the grapes, fermentation, vinification, storage and bottling is carried out with state of the art equipment by the skilled and dedicated winemaking team. For Ferdinando and Gianni Giordano TOTAL QUALITY is a company prerogative - thanks to the commitment of our staff it is a reality! Total quality is a reality at Giordano as is proven by the ISO 9001:2000 certification - an important seal of approval. This ensures that the winery carries out its production and sale of wine and speciality foods with a total respect for the regulations that guarantee the consumer's best interests.

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