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Once Upon a Time… there was a heart doctor who at heart was a “closet farmer”. In the spring of 1982, longing to fulfill his farmer dreams, our founder, Dr. Maurice S. Rawlings, Sr., bought a serenely beautiful 52 acre tract of land in the foothills of Lookout Mountain in the Northwest corner of Georgia. Looking for a way to make the land productive, he contacted the local Agricultural Extension Service. To his dismay, he discovered that the land was unsuitable for farming, but was thrilled to find that a vineyard would be a preferred alternative. Dr. Rawlings had always held a passion for fine wines. He and his family planted the vineyard and the rest is "history". Our Method of Producing Outstanding Wines Combining traditional and modern wine-making techniques, The Georgia Winery has perfected its process in producing wines that taste “just like eating the fruit right off the vine!” To capture the essence of the fruit, we employ our own special “freeze-fermentation” method which slows Read more »

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  • Dixie

    Well suited for growing in the hot southeastern or Gulf states of America, Dixie can be used for wine or as a table g...

  • Scarlet Grape

  • Niagara

  • Gewürtztraminer

    History of the grape: Evidence of the parent Traminer grape can be traced back to the Middle Ages, in the Tyrollean A...

  • Muscadine

    Muscadines (Vitis rotundifolia) are a grapevine species native to the present-day southeastern United States that has...

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  • I was shocked to see that America only imports from 25% of the wine growing regions in the world.  Especially how little I seemed to know about where wine actually originated (quite possibly in Georgia of all places!).  There are over 67 countries that produce wine!  Where have you traveled to and have been surprised to see vineyards?Also, while... Read More

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  • As the wine industry grows, more and more people are drinking wine.  I have found that Spanish Wines are very few if any at most Wine Shops.  I have an opportunity to buy directly from the Vineyard but am a bit cautious with all the varieties of wine nowadays.  How will I separate myself from the thousands of other wine brands and countries?  An... Read More

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  • NG & EM - To me the feel of complexity in wine is that I sense more than one flavor, but describing the flavors or layers of flavor/taste as I swish it around my mouth is very hard.  I have a much easier time with pieces of food though.  I don't know why I have such a hard time with a liquid vs a solid.Now I have a rescue cat event to attend ton... Read More

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  • GT - Good post, and I sense you agree with my perspective on tasting the wine.  I think the Ridge wine label is lacking a picture of the winery, right below the lettering.  There is a big blank area there that is wasted space.  That's just my opinion on the label appeal, which I shall refer to henceforth as "LA", not to be confused with Los Ange... Read More

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  •  *Please Stop using the term Fine Dining in the USA unless you understand the Dance.-Fine Dining requires both the guest(s) and service professional to work together.When the dance is performed perfectly, the service and memories are magical.I suggest Finer Dining as a term for Finer Italian and French service and cuisine.  Read More

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  • Looking forward to enriching my knowledge of wines and sharing reviews. Read More

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  • From where I sit one would imagine that I have some insight into the wine market. Enough at least to foresee what might happen over the extreme short term, the next 12 months or so. Of course it is just as likely that I have no particular insight, a view too narrow to see what is happening all around us.Of course witnessing, and recalling, what ... Read More

    From the article 4 Predictions for 2014

  • Schuchmann Alazani Valley Red Semi Sweet NV


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    Wine review by martins2002

  • Well, welcome to the Snooth Forum, Voltaire.  You'll find that none of the regular participants here have infinite monetary resources.  So, I think most of us are on the same page with you on the value thing.  With that in mind, if you haven't already, you might want to check out the recent articles that Gregory Dal Piaz has posted on value wine... Read More

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  • Hi I used to travel, all the time. Now I stay at home. I live in a dry county, so now my chances to buy wine, much less, shop nationwide for wine, are curtailed. when I do get to the wine store I have to make it count. Value is where it is at for me. I love a bargain and I do not think my palate is so elevated that I need to spend a fortune to f... Read More

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  • we georgia wines to manufacture wines for our company.

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