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BOND: A stable of Napa Valley thoroughbreds — ultimately six Cabernet-based wines — assembled under the umbrella of one philosophy, one facility and one mark. Created in partnership with proprietors of select Napa Valley hillside vineyards. BOND is our covenant and shared commitment to produce only the best expression of the land. At BOND, each wine has its own cellar under one roof in which to develop its individual character and singular expression of place. – Description from JelaDragoljevic

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  • Cabernet Sauvignon

    “King of the Red Wine Grapes.” The colonizer of the vineyards, pushing native wine grapes into its shadows. The Caber...

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  • Spinning this discussion out from another thread.To start with, here is a report, with queries, from one of our regulars: Reply by EMark, 2 hours ago.OK, here's an everything-but-the-kitchen sink wine:Get a load of this (from the back label)76% Cabernet Sauvignon8% Syrah5% Petit Verdot3% Cabernet Franc3% Malbec3% Merlot2% Petite SirahAlso, the f... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Claret, other historical wine...

  • This is way off thread topic, but I just love to rebut GregT's comments. ... with Myriad, or Outpost, or Bond, or any of a dozen others.  However, they do put out a quality product.On surface, Greg, I am in agreement with you.  How the heck can they sell wine made from Napa Valley grapes for $20?  The first thing that I think of is that they h... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Wine you would not drink...

  • Sandra and I went to see the new James Bond film 'Spectre' this afternoon and followed that up with a nice diner at Brine again in the Mosiac District of Fairfax, VA.  We thought the movie was quite good, but the reviews have been mixed.  With our popcorn we each had a beer.  Dinner was tasty, starting off at the bar with a dozen raw oysters (si... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Weekend Wines

  • We hear a lot of talk about organic and biodynamic wine but do we understand ... animals, plants and minerals bond with the cosmic periphery to form a whole system or organism. The root of the biodynamic system is the relationship of the farmer and his or her practices as they relate to the local ecosystem, which in biodynamics includes the in... Read More

    From the article Why Organic and Biodynamic Wines Matter

  • But the '94 won't be ready for another 20-30 years. I may not live that ... ... the wine. Egg whites bond to suspended particulates in the wine and then can be skimmed off the top as they floa Read More

    Forum post in the topic Secret Santa 2015

  • For a marketplace perspective, here's a recent offering from BPWine. FWIW, ...;Bond Melbury -- 2007 750mL  (2)JS95, WA97nl  $325.00  Bond Melbury -- 2007 750mL  (1)JS95, WA97   $325.00  Bond Melbury -- 2005 750mL  (3)WA95OWC  $245.00  Bond Melbury -- 2010 750mL  (1)AG97, WA98+   $475.00  Bond Pluribus -- 2007 750mL  (1)WA98+, WS97   $395.00  Bo... Read More

    Forum post in the topic High End Cabernet Sauvignon

  • I'll play.Some CultsHarlanBondSchraderScreagleOpus 1LewellingSloanColginBryant FamilyScarecrowShaferGhost HorseAraujoHundred AcreGrace FamilyLokoyaSome Great napa Cabs $150 and underRivers MarieDunnCarterCorisonBecklynMacDonaldMaybachHourglassRoy PiperHobelMyriadQuivetMcG ScarlettSwitchback RidgeHallBevanPottSeven StonesRealmChappellet   Read More

    Forum post in the topic High End Cabernet Sauvignon

  • It's interesting that a few new topics have popped up recently (Experiencing Cabernet Franc for one) and that my wife Sandra just today handed me an article by Dave McIntyre she cut out of a Washington Post newspaper dated 25 March 2015.  I'm starting this new topic based on this article "The wine cost four digits.  And the taste?" regarding the... Read More

    Forum post in the topic High End Cabernet Sauvignon

  • So it turns out your intimations of cassis and petroleum have more to do with ... ... come in and break the bond between the sugar bits and the taste bits, liberating the taste bits to do their deed of taste titillation, wafting their way across your tongue and down your throat like flavor-bearing fairies of fennel-fruit-pepper-white-peaches-... Read More

    From the article You Can Thank A Cavalcade of Bacteria for Your Golden Palate

  • Resveratrol, the famed component in red wine and chocolate, has long been ... ... ... healthy muscle cells bond themselves with damaged muscle cells to create healing. “Local muscle stem cells undergo a cycle when they repair and ultimately fuse with the damaged muscle fibre,” Degens said. “At low doses, resveratrol did help the regeneration.... Read More

    From the article New Study: Resveratrol May Be Bad For Your Biceps

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