Medio Y Medio

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Medio y Medio was created in 1886 at the Mercado Del Puerto in Montevideo, Uruguay and has been enjoyed there ever since. Today the “Market by the ... Read more

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Snooth User: Bacco Uruguayo
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Medio y Medio was created in 1886 at the Mercado Del Puerto in Montevideo, Uruguay and has been enjoyed there ever since. Today the “Market by the Port” is one of top tourist destinations in the city with a unique local flare. Featured by Anthony Bourdain in his TV show, the Mercado is full of restaurants, grills, and cute souvenir shops and Medio y Medio is the drink of choice. Each New Years Eve, young and old alike pop hundreds of bottles of Medio y Medio and pour them on each other, on the floor, and of course some of it winds up in their mouths. In 2008, two U.S. Marines discovered Medio y Medio for themselves while they were carrying out their duties in South America. Danny and Ed enjoyed Medio y Medio so much they were surprised when they couldn’t find it anywhere in the United States. A business idea was formed and two years later, they began to import this wonderful and unique beverage into the States to share the experience with others. About Uruguay: Uruguay is a truly special country sandwiched in between the Argentinean and Brazilian coasts. Uruguay is located on the 33rd-35th parallel, the same latitude as the Southern Hemisphere’s most famous wine regions. 15 years ago, the wineries in Uruguay began to invest in the best available technology and wine growing techniques and today the country is making excellent, critically acclaimed wines with its top varietal called tannat. Uruguay boasts the second cleanest eco system in the world and is one of the most economically and politically stable countries in Latin America. Punta Del Este is the second most popular beach in South America behind Rio De Janeiro. Why not Uruguay? It’s a great country! About Semper Fi Imports & Distribution LLC. – SFID is commited to importing high quality wines that have strong branding potential. SFID is evironmentally concious and plans to associate only with those wines that have the highest sustainability and eco friendly wine producing procedures. Our plans are to grow our brands nationwide in the next five years. South Florida is our home market and our intent is to grow in this region of the country first . Initial expansion goals include the remainder of Florida, New York City, and California.

Snooth User: Bacco Uruguayo
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