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Another option that I have seen but not purchased is case storage. In general, what I have seen in the marketplace holds cases lengthwise against the wall. I have, however, had case storage custom built to accommodate wood cases held width-wise, allowing for a better use of space. In general, I have found that while being able to access any case has been convenient, as I deplete the cases the use of space becomes problematic. In the future I would limit my use of case storage. It seems to be a good option for cases in long term storage, but since they are in long term storage I’ve come to realize it’s much more efficient to just stack the cases!

And a word about cardboard cases: I get rid of them! They tend to just be moisture traps in the cellar and rot, not to mention introduce the occasional mildew problem.

Case Storage

4 btls per linear inch at full capacity about $2-4 per bottle

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