Rectangular Wine Cellar Bins


Rectangular bins are just that, and I have used several different types that have suited my needs. The best have been bins that hold a single layer of 6 bottles on a shelf. While I no longer see these on offer, they would be fairly easy to build. I liked these units because they not only allowed me to bin my wines together -- if I had, say 3 to 6 bottles of that particular wine -- but also to store securely any shape bottle I put in there.

In my last installation, I opted for full-size rectangular bins that hold 3 layers of bottles for a total capacity up to 23 bottles on a shelf. This has proved to be perfect for many of the wines I buy in quantity and tend to lay down for a long time. The unit is deep enough so that I can stagger the bottles a bit; the lowest layer gets pulled forward, so that even Burgundy bottles stack stably.

I particularly like these units because not only do they frequently come fully assembled and are easy to make yourself if you are moderately handy, but also because I find them easy to keep full. They have proven to be very cost and space effective -- and you can comfortably store additional bottles or lay flat six bottles cases above it!

Rectangular Bin Storage

6.6btls per linear inch at full capacity about $2-4 per bottle

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