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The classic wall of wine usually includes a lot of individual bottle binning. This is the most expensive type of racking due to the intricacy of design, but it offers the most flexibility. Each bottle is cradled in its own slot, so you don’t have to move bottles around when searching for a specific wine, but search you will. At least in my case. With individual bottle binning you can get your storage to be quite dense, but you won’t be able to see the labels, so be very organized and start becoming familiar with your wine’s capsules! Individual bottle racking generally accommodates all but the largest 750 ml bottles and securely holds them in place.

An added feature of most single bin wall units is that you can opt for a display tier. This allows you to display a single row of bottles, but it comes at a cost. Not only do these units generally cost more than standard single bottle binning, but that single display row takes the place of 3 regular bins, so your capacity takes a big hit.

If you have any significant quantity of half-bottles, magnums, or Champagne, you should also explore single bottle bins for these formats.

Single bottle bins

4.6 btls per linear inch about $2.25-4 per bottle

Single bottle bins with display feature

4.2 btls per linear inch about $2.50-4.50 per bottle

Half-bottle bins

5.75 half btls per linear inch about $3-5 per bottle

Champagne or Magnum bins

2.9  large format btls per linear inch about $4-6 per large format bottle

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