Diamond Bin Wine Cellar Rack


Diamond bins are an efficient use of space and can offer a small variety of storage solutions. They can come in two styles. The first offers triangular bins in sets of four, really a cube divided by a cross. In this scenario each bin is the same size, but they may offer different storage capacities due to the way bottles will stack in each compartment.

The other style of diamond bin will have several full square bins occupying the center of the unit with smaller quarter square bins around the edges. This allows for some flexibility, and is a desirable option.

In both cases, though, you should be aware that diamond bins are not the ideal solution. They frequently don’t hold stacked Burgundy bottles securely, and by their nature they tend to require moving around bottles to get at the one you’re after. They are however a perfect solution for restaurants and even private homes where cases of house wines are stored and consumed quickly enough, provided that space isn’t at a huge premium.

Triangle diamond bins
6.3 btls per linear inch about 1.75-3 per bottle

Full Diamond bins

6.7btls per linear inch about $1.75-3 per bottle

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