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If you have space in your cellar you’ll want to include aisle or island racking. In general, this is some sort of combination that includes single bottle storage below either a display tier or a tabletop. I strongly encourage you to include a table in your cellar plans. I used to have a large table that allowed for the sorting of several cases of wine at once and opted for display racking when I renovated my cellar. In hindsight that table was incredible useful, not to mention convenient when I wanted to share a bottle with friends in my cellar! I love the display I have now, but it is simply not useful.

As with wall racking most aisle racking is offered in single and double depth. Most racking is two-sided, meaning that you’ll need two aisles to access all the wine, but you can still find single side aisle racking out there. This is actually one of the better uses for the VintageView style of racking, as these aisles usually are quite narrow and it can be challenging getting down there and digging through the bottom few layers of bottles to discover what’s down there. Having the labels visible makes that task a lot easier, and the VintageView two-sided aisle racking turns out to be a fairly efficient use of space.

Single-depth Aisle Racking

30 btls per square foot about $1.5-2.5 per bottle

Double-Depth Aisle Racking

32 btls per square foot about $1.5-2.5 per bottle

VintageView Aisle Racking

24 btls per square foot about $3-4 per bottle

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