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Our love affair with wine continues to fuel the growth of the industry in this country. As our wine culture enters maturity, we find ourselves returning to the tried and true: classic wines, classic wine pairings, and the exploration that can be accomplished in a wine bar.

Born from the traditional European model, today's wine bars offer the consumer a place to experience a range of exciting and undiscovered wines with an appropriate selection of accompaniments. It's no wonder a new wine bar seems to pop up daily! Take a look at some of our favorites.

United States Wine Bars

Whether you're an American through and through or you're just visiting, these wine bars are some of the best you'll ever visit. Some of these wine bars go for a foreign feel, while others exude American values.

Articles about united states wine bars

  • Portland Wine Bars

    Check out these Portland wine bars and you won't regret it. Stop by Vino Vixens to hang out with friends and have some fun. Try "the best burger in Portland" at Metrovino and enjoy your wine "tastes" for as little as $2. Learn about Oregon's wines and its wine bars here. View Article »
  • Houston Wine Bars

    Prepare yourself for the most romantic night of your life while sampling the best, most elegant food around at Ibiza Food & Wine Bar. For a more casual atmosphere, relax with friends at The Coffee Groundz. Either way, you'll be in good hands in Houston. View Article »
  • San Diego Wine Bars

    If you're heading to San Diego, don't be afraid to dive into Wonderland at Vin De Syrah. If you're really looking to try something new, head over to Splash Wine Lounge, where you can buy wine by the ounce, ensuring that you'll find a slew of new favorite wines - assuming you remember anything the next day! View Article »
  • Denver Wine Bars

    If you have the budget, you don't have a choice but to go to Z Cuisine Bistrot - the food there is just that good. If you want a larger focus on wine, Crú will treat you right, with their constantly changing wine flights. Denver has everything you need in wine bars, including live music and great deals. View Article »
  • New York City Wine Bars

    We have your entire wine-infused day planned in NYC, from breakfast at Oro Bakery and Bar and lunch at Ino Café & Wine Bar to a relaxing evening at Jadis. Don't worry about drinking wine for breakfast and lunch - it's five o'clock somewhere, right? View Article »

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