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Enjoy an Endless Summer with German White Wines

Thank you for joining us! Please view the video. Snooth co-founder and chief taster Mark Angelillo tasted through the following wines with Matthew Kaner (Wine Director & Partner of Good Measure LA, Bar Covell, Augustine Wine Bar, and Dead or Alive Bar). Click here to purchase the 4-pack now. CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. Thank you for your enthusiasm!

Borell-Diehl Müller-Thurgau 2017, Pfalz
Sip this one and uncover the magic of Müller Thurgau, one of Germany's most planted white grape varietals. Developed in 1882, it is a cross between Riesling and Madeleine Royale. The wines are aromatic and zippy. Look for notes of fresh cut peach and juicy, plump grape on the palate. 
Weinreich Basisweiss Pinot Gris 2017, Rheinhessen
Pinot Gris is a natural cousin of the Pinot Noir grape. Its evolution from Pinot Noir can be traced to Germany’s south-west wine growing areas. It was first identified as an individual variety and vinified separately in Germany’s Pfalz region back in the nineteenth century. Its wines are full-bodied, aromatic and rich.
 Koehler Ruprecht Pinot Blanc Kabinett 2016, Pfalz
The wine world’s most well-respected Pinot Blanc is grown in Germany. You may see it referred to as Weissburgunder.  These are easy-going, refreshingly tart white wines with just dash of decadence. This one is sure to please a crowd of thirsty beach bums on a hot summer day.
Von Winning 'Winnings' Riesling 2015, Pfalz
We couldn’t let you go without at least one German Riesling! It’s Germany’s most widely-planted grape variety for a reason. But the story here is about dry Riesling. Demand for mineral-driven, dry German Rieslings has grown by epic proportions. Back in 1985, just 16% of German Rieslings were produced in a dry style. As of 2016, it’s a whopping 46.3%.
Click here to purchase the 4-pack now. CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. Thank you for your enthusiasm!

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