Name of varietal: Zinfandel
Common synonyms: Primitivo, Crljenak Kaštelanski (Croatia, believed to be its root), White Zinfandel, Zin, Blush, Zinfendal
Parentage of the grape: Crljenak to Austria to America. In the 1970s, claims surfaced that the Italian Primitivo is likely the same grape as Zinfandel. In 2002, DNA testing proved that California Zinfandel has the same genetic structure as the Croatian Crljenak Kastelanski, which is likely its origin.
History of the grape: Zinfandel was originally brought over to the US from the Imperial Austrian plant collection by horticulturalist George Gibbs in 1820. There are records of a Boston, Massachusetts nursery selling “Zinfandal” vines for sale in the 1830s. During this time it had become a popular table grape in the Northeast. In the 1840s, it was transported to California during the Gold Rush. It became an abundant crop due to the ease in which it’s grown, requiring minimal pruning and no Read more »

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  • It's not uncommon to pick up a unique scent or tasting note from a glass of wine. Often, the ability to do so speaks of a refined or very capable palate.  I suspect there are many posters on this site who have also detected unusually specific reflections in wine but have yet to admit it.  Perhaps this topic could provide a most interesting new t... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Zinfandel for some reason...

  • BG, it sounds like you should go on some wine tastings.  Do you enjoy white wines too or just the reds?  Upping the game to $30+ a bottle will find you some very decent wines, including some nice Merlots.  As you move up the price scale, the sweet wines (and even the off-dry ones) fall off your radar and it's hard to go back soon thereafter.   Read More

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  • I went to a local (Ohio) tasting this summer and I discovered a winery locally that produces some very interesting sweet wines and to boot I found out that my friend co-owns it with his mother, didn't even know!They have a white wine (more like yellow) called Mystique that I can not get enough of, it is like white Catawba with peach juice and bl... Read More

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  • Thank you for the info about Primitivo, I figured the Italians called it something different. I have not tried very many Italian red blends but the one I like most that is in my price range is called "Campobasso Mellow Red" it is actually grown in California though so maybe this brand uses "Zinf". I can buy it for like $14 for a gallon jug and i... Read More

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  • Went to both websites and read about there, with the info provided. ... Glen) ... Glen) for their pinot noir, zinfandel, merlot and cabernet sauvignon. Read More

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  • I don't know what zins you've had, but I love zins and so do several others here.  Blackberry, briary dustiness,etc are what I love about them.The thing about wine is that it is an individual experience and that's what make it so fun.  I've a friend that can't stand grenache, puckers up every time he tries it.  Yet he loves it in CdP's and can d... Read More

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  • Zinfandel for some reason reminds me of porta-potty deodorizer. I think if I never smelled a porta-potty I would like it though! I can always taste Zinfandel in blended Italian table wines and it turns me off, although there are a few brands I like that do have a little Zinf but mainly Merlot.It has a rose or flower scent and taste to it that ju... Read More

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  • Seghesio Pagani Sonoma Valley Zinfandel 2012


    Good wine. Nose of tart red fruits. Interesting introduction to the tongue--again red fruit, but muted, not in-your-face. Then you notice the tartness. My guess is that many will disagree with my appreciation of this wine because of the tartness. Very sedate tannins. Not a particularly big, full-bodied wine. Im glad that I have more of th... Read More

    Wine review by EMark

  • Easton Amador County Zinfandel 2012


    Unfortunately I thought this was a 2013 and waited to long. It is just over the hump, but it still shows fine character with briary blackberry, red plum, Anador dirt, oak and still big but slightly flabby body. Drink now - 88 points - Paul Read More

    Wine review by rckr1951

  • Easton Amador County Zinfandel 2012


    No written review

    Wine review by effell

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