Name of varietal: Zinfandel
Common synonyms: Primitivo, Crljenak Kaštelanski (Croatia, believed to be its root), White Zinfandel, Zin, Blush, Zinfendal
Parentage of the grape: Crljenak to Austria to America. In the 1970s, claims surfaced that the Italian Primitivo is likely the same grape as Zinfandel. In 2002, DNA testing proved that California Zinfandel has the same genetic structure as the Croatian Crljenak Kastelanski, which is likely its origin.
History of the grape: Zinfandel was originally brought over to the US from the Imperial Austrian plant collection by horticulturalist George Gibbs in 1820. There are records of a Boston, Massachusetts nursery selling “Zinfandal” vines for sale in the 1830s. During this time it had become a popular table grape in the Northeast. In the 1840s, it was transported to California during the Gold Rush. It became an abundant crop due to the ease in which it’s grown, requiring minimal pruning and no Read more »

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Zinfandel on Snooth

  • Painter Bridge California Zinfandel 2011


    Rusty/brown hued alongside the deep cranberry/black cherry coloration and with slight opaqueness. Aromas of dry, slightly spiced fruits, and berries to be precise....raspberry, dark cherry and current. Muted peppery notes on the palate in terms of spice alongside Earthy damp woodiness, heavy berry presence and rooty licorice notes.....mouthfee... Read More

    Wine review by chriscage

  • Tank Garage All Or Nothing Red Blend Napa 2015


    Floral notes of crushed violet and allspice with juicy black currant. Full bodied and full fruited on the palate with notes of licorice, dark mixed berry and black cherry, some earth and a medicinal note riding alongside through to the lightly tannic finish. Bold and assertive with a driving herbal and fruit profile. Read More

    Wine review by Snooth Editorial

  • Does that mean it was made out pinot noir?64 Read More

    Forum post in the topic Zinfandel for some reason...

  • I wasn't actually concerned with sweet or dry in this instance, I was ... ... ... I've seen blueberry zinfandel, cherry merlot and the like and the actual zin or merlot grapes weren't used. What I was wondering is if they sourced cabernet sauvignon. or merlot.  Read More

    Forum post in the topic Zinfandel for some reason...

  • I bought a bottle of that Campobasso Mellow Red today and noticed on the back it says it is Burgundy. It tastes of jam and black tea. Read More

    Forum post in the topic Zinfandel for some reason...

  • I am not sure if they actually source their grapes for dry wine from the north east coast, maybe they source from California or maybe South Carolina or something because the only wines that I know are for sure grown in Ohio are sweet wines with lots of grape musk. Like Concord and Catawba. I have asked the same question about where they source t... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Zinfandel for some reason...

  • The name of the local winery I was talking about is called Park Ave Winery in Ashtabula Ohio, not sure if they ship but it is very interesting sweet wine. I also like a wine called Ravens Glen Moondream, it is like a spicy port, a lot of tannins while still being off sweet and it is 21% ABV so it packs a punch. It is $16 a bottle so a decent val... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Zinfandel for some reason...

  • Those are not uncommon. Moth balls can mean you get a camphor or menthol note. I hate those if there is anything more than the merest hint. I don't know about the flavors of the chewing gum or e-cigs, as I've never had them. Read More

    Forum post in the topic Zinfandel for some reason...

  • It's not uncommon to pick up a unique scent or tasting note from a glass of wine. Often, the ability to do so speaks of a refined or very capable palate.  I suspect there are many posters on this site who have also detected unusually specific reflections in wine but have yet to admit it.  Perhaps this topic could provide a most interesting new t... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Zinfandel for some reason...

  • BG, it sounds like you should go on some wine tastings.  Do you enjoy white wines too or just the reds?  Upping the game to $30+ a bottle will find you some very decent wines, including some nice Merlots.  As you move up the price scale, the sweet wines (and even the off-dry ones) fall off your radar and it's hard to go back soon thereafter.   Read More

    Forum post in the topic Zinfandel for some reason...

  • I am looking for this 92 kunde 2007 reserve century.

    Comment by 774183lilil 774183 lilil

  • In your recent article you are to be missing the Fanucchi Vineyards Old Vine Zinfandel from the Russian River Valley! It seems to have quite a hidden following an a snooth entry at: http://www.snooth.com/wine/fanucchi-vineyards-russian-river-valley-fanucchi-wood-road-vineyard-old-vine-zinfandel/

    Comment by 615653Jean R 615653 Jean R


    Comment by 565487Jo Kelly 565487 Jo Kelly

  • I have enjoyed some excellent Zins from Ravenwwood in Sonoma, CA. Especially their Vineyard Designate series. Could you review a few of these sometime soon?

    Comment by 196612Al Faison 196612 Al Faison

  • Hey all you zin drinkers check out www.wineguerrilla.com

    Comment by 85141wineguerrilla 85141 wineguerrilla

  • Harlow Ridge Zinfandel when you can get it is an excellent wine, the best that I have tasted by this vitner.

    Comment by 391170Mikeycee 391170 Mikeycee

  • Zin page needs updating DNA analysis says original is from Croatia Also stories that when Primitivo and Zin are grown in same vineyard the Zin ripens two weeks later

    Comment by 186654haxeyhood 186654 haxeyhood

  • want a delicious bottle of wine with cherry, chocolate and even coffee notes from washington??? i tried this along with my fellow bartenders, and we fell in love.... it is now on our winelist!!! HOWLING WOLFE ZINFANDEL made by THURSTON WOLFE 2007 this vino is from horse heaven hills. It is increadable!!! i suggest to let it breathe for a while b...

    Comment by 346464vinoniki 346464 vinoniki

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