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Trousseau Gris (Troo-so-gree) has a crisp, clean, flowery bouquet with flavors of fresh peaches, honeysuckle, pear, melon, delicate spice and tropical fruit flavors which makes it a delightful compliment to a wide array of foods! Compare its “nose” to Viognier or Marsanne, with a gentler spice than a dry Gewürztraminer and far, far, more fruit than the best Pinot Gris could ever hope for! Trousseau Gris is originally traced back to the Alsace–Lorraine in Northern France near the German border. In addition to making still wine this grape has also been used for port, blended into method champenoise and even for strengthening the nose and complexity of many other white & red wines! – Description from Vine Master Fanucchi

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  • You jest.'15 Enkidu "NK" Contra Costa Mourvèdre'14 ... Jolie Laide Fanucchi Wood Rd Trousseau Gris'15 Jolie Laide Provisor Vyd Grenache'15 Jolie Laide Rossi Ranch Syrah/Grenache/Viognier/Muscat d' Alexander'15 Jolie Laide Syrah Halon Plus tomorrow I take delivery of:'95 Gallo of Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon'01 Dehlinger Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve... Read More

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  • Carlisle Sonoma Valley Compagni Portis 2014


    Pale yellow color. Fruity, flowery nosemint, orange blossoms. Apricot and tangerine on the tip of the tongue. Some Gewurz spicethe blend really settles that down. Some mineral hints, mid-palate. Very nice acid refreshment. Read More

    Wine review by EMark

  • Being a fan of Jolie-Laide and being that we have been drinking a lot of whites ... the Syrah and where is the Trousseau Gris? Fear not. Those will be released in the Fall, and right here, we have the summertime wines for you now.)         These wines are stunning. The name Jolie-Laide literally translates to “pretty-ugly” in French, however, i... Read More

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  • As per your OP's title, JD, next a look at CA. From the Wine ... Roussane, ... Roussane, Sémillon, Trousseau gris, and Viognier.[8]Up until the late 1980s, the Californian wine industry was dominated by the Bordeaux varietals and Chardonna Read More

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  • Trying to recall a conversation we had a little while ago on this subject.Whats the most widely planted (acreage) and produced (bottles) red grape in CA, U.S., and worldwide?I seem to recall a Snooth article mentioning Grenache as the most widely planted red grape worldwide, but that was some years ago. I'm assuming it's Chardonnay for white? Read More

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  • Bedrock Compagni Portis White Sonoma 2014


    Very young and interesting white blend from Bedrock. This has a fair amount of floral perfume on the nose. Plenty of dry white peach, a somewhat oily texture, a touch of white pepper, decent acidity and a fairly long finish. Read More

    Wine review by vin0vin0

  • I don't think the presence of RS in the "Grey Riesling" has much ... Gray or Grey Riesling was Trousseau Gris.  Alas, the problem with Wikipedia is no one checks for internal consistency.Wind Gap makes it, and I drank it recently at Pizzaiolo in Oakland.  It didn't strike me as something I would age, but there are those fans of the Jura, where... Read More

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  • I had a few Wente wines back in the '70s and early '80s but don't ... ... to do). The Sylvaner vs. Trousseau Gris issue also bears researching, if someone wants to continue with this discussion. Back during that same period I drank a lot of Sylvaner and Muller Thurgau from what seemed to me then like all over Central Europe, but since then the... Read More

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  • My friend had some wines in a cement cellar up in Lake Tahoe.  She is not a wine drinker so brought them home for me but they are really old years and I don't know how to find the shelf life to know if they are still drinkable...Can someone advise please?1)  Bolla  Merlot  20022)  Sangiovese Di Romagna  20023)  Cotes du Rhone  J.Vidal.Fleury 200... Read More

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  • "While I appreciate what they (Tegan, Duncan Arnot-Meyers) are trying to ... to ... Trousse, Trousseau,Trousseau Gris, Troussot, Trusiaux, Trusseau, Trussiau, and Verdejo TintoHave heard through the grapevine (pun intended) that people are starting to do interesting things with it in CA. Haven't had any yet, thus my questio Read More

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  • This is the wine to watch!

    Comment by 1167509WineTweeter 1167509 WineTweeter

  • Mr Fanucchi is a Maverick! This Grape makes great wine & we are lucky to have him farming & preserving great wine grapes that do not conform to the boring norm!

    Comment by 941521Jim Mossnan 941521 Jim Mossnan

  • * Online video Review just Posted (link at the bottom): Judit and Corina on Wine Dine TV capture and convey the essence of the wine in a lively enthusiastic and understandable way not simply using the same old worn out descriptors! Among their words describing the Fanucchi Vineyards 2006 Trousseau Gris is: "...Inviting, Peach Cobbler, Lively a...

    Comment by 46167Vine Master Fanucchi 46167 Vine Master Fanucchi

  • New image uploaded to this page.

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  • This is a great find, Thank you!

    Comment by 863106Ryan JP 863106 Ryan JP

  • Keep in touch on Trousseau Gris' latest: join the Facebook Page "We love Trousseau Gris"

    Comment by 46167Vine Master Fanucchi 46167 Vine Master Fanucchi

  • It's worth finding the Original Trousseau Gris from Fanucchi Vineyards!

    Comment by 814509Redstate 814509 Redstate

  • Trousseau Gris is THE wine!

    Comment by 806255Luciano L 806255 Luciano L

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