(aka. Black Hamburg, Blauer Trollinger, Schiava Grossa)

Trollinger is the most common German name for this red wine producing grape, which originated in western Austria. It is also known as Schiava in Italy where it is commonly planted in the South Tyrol region. It is alternatively known as Black Hamburg by many growers and consumers of table grapes. In Italy, and Germany, where it is grown in the Wurttemberg region, Trollinger is used to make pale red wines with low alcohol and tannin levels. Rotberger, the name given to a cross resulting from this grape, is used to produce similar light red wines. Highly productive, its exceptionally late-ripening nature means it is unpopular in other cooler parts of Germany. Trollinger has been particularly successful part of Germany's grape breeding program. Kerner, perhaps the most Riesling like of the German crosses, is a direct descendant of Trollinger. However many others include Trollinger amongst their ancestry.

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Trollinger on Snooth

  • Dear CommunityToday I want to introduce you(sorry for my bad english) to a very ... a very ... wines: Schiller, TrollingerRed wines: Trollinger, Pinot Noir, DornfelderSparkling wine: RieslingI can only speak from my experience and would like to share with you this well-hidden winery. Which manufactures such good wines. Since my first wine tast... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Hello Snooth!

  • San Pietro Schiava Alto Adige 2011


    Light red wine. Subtle flavors. Lovely. Read More

    Wine review by dwakefield

  • Weingut Herzog Von Württemberg Mundelsheimer Käsberg Trollinger 2007


    Very interesting cherry taste! Read More

    Wine review by yollo

  • Weingut Herzog Von Württemberg Mundelsheimer Käsberg Trollinger 2007


    No written review

    Wine review by yollo

  • I was in Heidelberg, Munich, Bavaria for two weeks. The Trollinger was excellent. I live in Memphis, TN, can't find , even at Busters. Could someone let me know which wine would be similar, it's kind of like Goldy Locks, not to dry and just sweet enough. Thanks

    Comment by 969886eyeglass 969886 eyeglass

  • I grew up in Vaihingen/Enz and later Ludwigsburg and love all the wines produced there.I lived there till I was 28 and drank mostly local wines. I always looked forward to a visit with my parents and the delicious wines they would have for us drink. My mothers favorite red was the Canstatter Zuckerle Trollinger. I wish I could get it here. I no...

    Comment by 789752BruennerinausShwaben 789752 BruennerinausShwaben

  • Heilbronner Stiftsberg Trollinger Qba Trocken Weingut Martin Able Rotwein Heilbronner Stiftsberg Schraubverschluss Württemberg Weingut Martin Able Inhalt 2007


    I am in no way a connoisseur with an accurate vocabulary for wine. I'm a mathematician actually without a host of words fantastic enough to describe this. In Europe for 2 years this became my favorite and I regret that I cannot find a way to procure it in the USA. Read More

    Wine review by kristystreb

  • So we're all here and we see that many of us got bitten by the sweet white wine bug, only to move on? My wine life begn  ightIalandne, ent through almost everything else, ends with medium to light Italian red wines, only to start the circuit again, yes my tastes change, evolve and vary! So where did you start, where are you, where do you want to... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Where did you start?

  • hi can anyone help me my fabs nieces from Germany sent Me a bottle of Trollinger wine from wurttemberg 2005, from i think weingartner - WVG. its a very light red wine , that appears dry when you first taste it but its soooo fruity, and refreshing . can anyone tell me where i can buy this from online. i dont want to ask my nieces cause they wil...

    Comment by 385362chuffy 385362 chuffy

  • St. Magdalener Klassisch Sudtirol Weingut Erbhof 2007


    Rich notes of apple butter and blueberry, with a crisp champagne-like rosé bite. Very pleasant, with good length. Read More

    Wine review by Chris Carpita

  • Weingut Niklas Sudtiroler Lagrein 2007


    A lovely expression of this unusual variety, with typically forward black cherry flavours, zippy, food-friendly acid, creamy malolactic and vanilla oak notes, meaty (but not aggressive) tannins, and a sour oiliness that reminds me in one mouthful of a young northern Rhône syrah and in another of an NZ pinot noir. Very enjoyable. Read More

    Wine review by Robert Dallas Gray

  • Why do you think is the red german wine called Dornfelder not so popular like others Read More

    Forum post in the topic Dornfelder

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