Species: Vitis Vinifera
Parentage: Offspring of Ciliegiolo & “Calabrese Montenuovo” (A nearly extinct grape variety)
Aliases: Brunello, Sangiovese Grosso
Grape Color: Purple
Regions: Primarily Tuscany; also Romagna, Lazio, Campania, Sicily

Prounounced “San-joh-vay-say,” this Italian wine varietal is Tuscany’s #1 red wine grape. It’s the pistol of Central Italy, with the capability to produce styles ranging from red wines to still wines, sparkling wines to dessert wines, It’s the grape every grape wants to be, with at least 14 Sangiovese clones existing today.

Sangiovese is excellent as a blend, but when used as a sole varietal, it is hard and acidic. Winemakers tend to blend this varietal with Bordeaux grapes, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, and even white wine grapes, sometimes Trebbiano and Malvasia. Sangiovese’ role in Tuscany’s famous Chianti wines is similar to Cabernet Sauvignon’s key presence in Bourdeaux wines -- A typical Read more »

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Passionate wine enthusiast/writer/consultant.Specialist on Italy, where She has made her home and kingdom for the past decade. Travels extensively in Europe and New world,Portugal,Douro, South Africa,and in particular Bordeaux style wines, loves Dolcetto

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Sangiovese on Snooth

  • Tonight it was a 2013 Stolpman Carbonic Sangiovese in a nuveau style and very fruity with major strawberry notes and good acidity. The grapes came from Ballard Canyon. This is a fun, drink it now wine. The color is a striking opaque red where the light bounces around and through the wine in the glass. It is a darker version of a Rose.  It has a ... Read More

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  • A T F - That Carbonic Sangiovese sounds very interesting, perhaps something to serve at the start of a wine dinner.  I don't see a Carbonic Sangiovese available at Total Wine however.  That kitty looks pretty happy there on your lap.  There must be a connection between cats and men named Al.  This is my 'cat Tuesday' where I spend most of the da... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Whatcha drinking tonight?

  • Well, fortunately Sangiovese doesn't give me any grief!  I agree with Al, though about mixing.  If I have a Caesar (like a Bloody Mary to Americans), then I stick with them.  I can have one and then go with wine thereafter, but I typically don't mix.  Also, when I've had a cornucopia of various wine it tends to backfire on me.  Whereabouts are y... Read More

    Forum post in the topic An Exposé: The Wine Headache

  • If you like Italian style wines give Scott Cellars. Winemaker Peter Frasier is specializing in Sangiovese and it is exceptional. I also like Mosby for an Italian style wine. Standing Sun is a relative newcomer in Buellton and winemaker John Wright is making some fun wines. His winery converts to a concert venue on weekends and the concerts are v... Read More

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  • Today my sweetie and I went to taste wines at two wine shops in Northern ... a ... ... a mid-price Italian Sangiovese and a relatively expensive Burgundy red (recommended by the store owner).After a bit of Dim Sum further south in Falls Church, VA, we did a short drive to another wine shop called Arrowine (in Arlington, VA).  This place carri... Read More

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  • DV you may be referring to a half case of Sunstone Chardonnay which was a gift ... wines I enjoy Scott Cellars Sangiovese. Winemaker Peter Fraser specializes in Sangiovese small lots from some of the best vineyards in the Lompoc and Santa Ynez valleys. Like Bion Rice, Peter is passionate about making wine. He is usually pouring in his tasting ... Read More

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  • This is my first post. I'm not sure this is for me but I'm giving it a go. on first blush this looks like it could be fun and educational.  Read More

    Forum post in the topic Hello Enophiles!

  • "what besides cabs and chards have you tried lately"Don't know ... VerdotSangiovese *Alicante Bouschet *Mataro *Tempranillo *Muscat Hamburg *MissionCarnelianTannatPrimitivoGamay (Napa) *Touriga Nacional *RoyaltyMeunier *NebbioloDolcettoMontepulcianoCharbonoTeroldegoCinsaut *SouzaoCenturianSalvadorPinotageAglianicoCarmenereCounoiseDornfelderTour... Read More

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  • Thought I'd start a topic to see what "different" wines people are drinking. I've been on a hunt to find wines made from lesser known grapes or from unusual areas. Here's one of each.This is a rose made from Cinsault, not too unusual right? Well this is from the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. Either they don't make very good wine in Lebanon or this bo... Read More

    Forum post in the topic And now for something...

  • The term Super Tuscan was born a controversy some 40 years ago. The controversy ... of a few, the reputation of Sangiovese-based Tuscan wine was humble on the international scene.  In addition, regulations for the production of Chianti DOC wines (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) dating from the 1960s were restrictive. They imposed the use ... Read More

    From the article The True Genesis of Super Tuscan Wine

  • Does this wine contain any oak

    Comment by 1116307available 1116307 available

  • Does it contain any Oak - in an Oak barrel or stainless steel barrel?

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  • the best Sangiovese I ever drank was a 2006 Deerfield Ranch from Alpicella vineyard in Sonoma.

    Comment by 1048507SonomaD 1048507 SonomaD

  • I am partial to Italian wines. It must be a cultural thing, as my parents were immigrants. Last week, I was introduced to Il Poggio Sangiovese Rubicone 2008 at my Italian conversation group. It was love at first sip ... I bought a case. Life is too short ... drink fine wines which can be bought a good price. There are many treaures out there wa...

    Comment by 497150Paula Giangreco 497150 Paula Giangreco

  • What is a 100% Sangiovese wine? Preferably from 2006.

    Comment by 466368ssu 466368 ssu

  • The fact that there is nary a bottle of Canaletto, Montepulciano d'Abruzzo to be bought anywhere, says it all. At around $10 a bottle, it probably deserves more than a 3 out of 5 rating but what do I know? I just like drinking it when I can get it.

    Comment by 395195Barbara Ann 25 395195 Barbara Ann 25

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  • Check the blog for tasting reports on 24 Sangiovese.

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