Name of varietal: Prosecco

Common synonyms: Glera
Parentage of the grape: thought to have been first grown in Friuli, then brought to the Veneto region of Italy where it became most popular. 
History of the grape: References to a lightly sparkling wine in the Veneto date back to the 1100s, but it was much sweeter than the popular styles today. The reason for this is that the grape reaches full ripeness relatively late in the harvest season. The grapes would be crushed and set to ferment. However cold temperatures that couldn’t be controlled meant the wine would be bottled often before complete fermentation, which means residual sugar that didn’t get a chance to be converted to alcohol is still in the wine. Come spring, carbon dioxide gets trapped in the bottle, and the wine gets fizzy. The Carpene Malvoti winery under the direction of Antonio Carpene is credited with changing that method in 1868. He employed the French Charmat method to give the wine a secondary Read more »

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  • A recent survey by a large United Kingdom wine merchant shows data indicating ... said, is home to the most prosecco drinkers, while residents of Ramsgate frequent the rosé bottle more than any other city in the U.K. Wolverhampton is home to the highest percentage of shiraz drinkers, while Stevenage pays homage to its cross-channel counterpart... Read More

    From the article Thy Survey Done, Thy Sauvignon Blanc Has Won

  • Everyone loves an excuse to celebrate, and nothing punctuates a celebration ... be filled by the arrival of Prosecco.   It is amazing to think this household name only really hit the US shelves in 2000.  Fresh, light, frothy, and of course cheap, it allowed the celebratory cork pop to signal a celebration no matter how small the budget or how ... Read More

    From the article The Great Prosecco Surge

  • They're saying it's the first time Australia's Limestone Coast wine ... region's first batch of Prosecco.  "It was once only grown in...Italy, but in recent years other coutnries have started to produce Prosecco, including Brazil, Romania, Argentina and Australia," said Rebekah Lowe, a reporter with the Adelaide affiliate of the Autralia Broadc... Read More

    From the article Italian Sparkling Stallion Gallops South To Limestone Coast

  • Basically, they just bottle before fermentation is finished and let it continue ... the Champagne method or the prosecco method where they just shoot it full of carbon dioxide like soda. Sometimes they sell those wines with crown caps too, just like beer.I don't know that wine in the pic, but a lot of times the wines made this way are kind of c... Read More

    Forum post in the topic And now for something...

  • Champagne and chardonnay are wooing the palates of the United ... wrote. Champagne and Prosecco lead the way in the bubbly boroughs of the country's wine-sales landscape, the article said – “sales were buoyant over the past 12 months, jumping by 45 percent in high-end establishments.” On the still side of things, chardonnay shirked the downturn... Read More

    From the article UK Sales of Sparklers, Whites Not Too Chabby in 2014

  • In advance of this week's promotion of Tuscan wine in various locations ... of vineyard of Barolo DOGC Prosecco was valued at 500,000 to 1 million euros per acre, making it the most expensive in the nation. Tuscany wines were near the top of the list, the article said. A hectare of Brunello di Montalcino was valued between 250,000 and 350,000 ... Read More

    From the article Tuscany Wine Prices Stayed Strong Through 2014

  • If you're looking to impress a Valentine's Day date with cocktails that ... Spritz. 2 oz Aperol3 oz Prosecco or sparkling wine of your choiceA splash of club soda Combine all ingredients in a white wine glass and garnish with an orange peel. And finally, here it is. The drink I love to make for friends or when trying to impress the fairer sex. ... Read More

    From the article Superlative Love-Centric Cocktails

  • I'm putting together a blind tasting of sparkling wines, ideally with all ... the Charmat method wines (Prosecco).Where I need suggestions is the transfer method and the carbonation method wines. So two questions:1) Can anyone think of a wine made with the transfer method (fermented in bottle but then disgorged into a tank, filtered, and put i... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Need advice for sparkling...

  • It’s urban legend that top wine pros can blindly identify a wide array of ... in Old World classics: Prosecco: You’ll detect white flowers, canned peaches, fine “mousse” and enough sweetness to make the wines imminently gluggable. Moscato d’Asti: You’ll detect wildly aromatic wild flowers and beer-like alcohol. (It’s only 5.5%.) Cava: You’ll de... Read More

    From the article The Art of Blind Tasting

  • This is a great moment to marvel at the sheer beauty of Italy’s ... like to a glass of Prosecco? The Millennial generation has brought this beverage into high fashion. Check out this prescient 2011 Prosecco article which includes suggested bottles.  But it’s not just about the North. The secrets of Southern Italian wine country continue to elud... Read More

    From the article February is Italian Wine Appreciation Month

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