Pinot Grigio

Common synonyms: Pinot Gris, “white Pinot Noir,” (but not to be confused with Pinot Blanc, which is another grape entirely), Pinot Beurot (France), Rulander (Germany), Tokay d’Alsace,  

Parentage of the grape: Burgundy as Pinot Gris in the 1300s. 
History of the grape: Pinot Gris was planted in Burgundy, France as far back as the 1300s. It then spread through Europe, via Alsace, Switzerland and into Germany, eventually making it to Italy, where it was given the name Pinot Grigio. When Phylloxera hit Burgundy, Pinot Gris with its original characteristics was wiped out and the hybrids grafted with American stock to save the vines were never the same quality, so crops were left to mostly die out. But in the Alsace region, Germany and Italy, the hybrids fared much better and the grape was able to thrive. It was brought to Australia in the 1830s by James Busby, who is credited with being the “Father of Australian Wine.” It was eventually brought over to Read more »

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  • California

    Viticulture in California began in the 1700s as Spanish missionaries worked their way north fro...

  • France

    Perhaps no country evokes such strong associations with fine wine as does France. Its reputatio...

  • USA

    "American Wine" has existed since the first Europeans brought their vinous heritage and tradition...

  • Italy

    Wine in Italy is as much an integral part of everyday culture as love, family, cuisine and usin...

  • Veneto

    The Veneto, located in the north-east of Italy, is a region that contributes a significant perc...

  • Germany

    Germany is the producer of some of the most admired wines in the world. These are its Rieslings...

  • Alsace

    This region, wedged between the Rhine River and the Voges Mountains, is the product of a fascin...

  • Friuli-venezia Giulia

      Friuli-Venezia Giulia is located in the northeast corner of Italy, bordering Austria and S...

  • New Zealand

    The history of New Zealand wine-making dates back to the 1800s when settlers planted vines and ...

Popular Wineries using Pinot Grigio

  • Livingston Cellars

    Since 1984 and 17 years, the de facto estate wine of Livingston Moffett winery has been bottled ...

  • Dumol Wine Company

    Our 25 acre biodynamically farmed Estate Vineyard is located on an undulating eastfacing slope of...

  • Matchbook

    Our Vision. "Produce wines we love to drink at prices we don't mind paying

  • Cupcake Vineyards

    Our winery is located in Monterey County, California where warm days give way to cool nights a...

  • Glass Mountain

    It has been more than hundred years since California wine pioneer Jean Laurent quarried stone fro...

  • Canyon Road Winery

    Inspired by the scenic roads that wander through California’s stunning wine country, Rafael Jofre...

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Pinot Grigio on Snooth

  • Viti Della Terra California Pinot Grigio 2011


    A quarterly Tasting Room shipment. Not a big fan of Pinot Grigio, but this one was really quite pleasant, could see this in a glass set against the backdrop of late afternoon, shadows falling from the bulging popping cumulus clouds rising up the east side of the Sandia Mountains. Read More

    Wine review by puhnner

  • Cedar Creek Winery Pinot Grigio 2012


    Sweet green apple aroma. Fruity and sweet-tart - green apples, lemon, pear. Read More

    Wine review by ramanujan

  • Indigenous Gri/Gio Pinot Grigio 2011


    This wine was absolutely delicious! I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a great, reasonably priced white wine. I also cook with this wine and it makes every meal just a little more delicious. Read More

    Wine review by Mollie1983

  • Indigenous Gri/Gio Pinot Grigio 2013


    Love this wine! I wish my local spirit store still carried it. It was great for cooking and drinking. Yum Read More

    Wine review by Mollie1983

  • J Vineyards Pinot Gris 2012


    No written review

    Wine review by 453542Mr Dolce 453542 Mr Dolce

  • Good Neighbor Organic Pinot Grigio


    Awful. Very Disappointing. Read More

    Wine review by calywa

  • Cousino Macul Isidora Pinot Gris 2012


    Nice summer wine. The taste is close to a Mediterranean rosé. Good in its price range Read More

    Wine review by Echenike

  • We continue our ongoing interview series with the friends of Snooth today by ... ... Sauvignon Blanc & Pinot Grigio This one is going to be hard to find as it is from Slovenia and does not have much distribution in the U.S. yet but I'm really hoping that changes. I had the opportunity to go to Slovenia last fall and I was blown away by the wi... Read More

    From the article Getting to know: Jon Thorsen

  • Willamette Valley Vineyards Pinot Gris Willamette Valley 2013


    Excellent Willamette pinot gris. Ripe pear, golden apple, a spritz of lemon zest, nice acidity and a medium finish. Fairly smooth and a somewhat viscuous tongue coating texture. Definitely one of the better pinot gris' we've had. Read More

    Wine review by vin0vin0

  • This was a cheapie from a bargain retailer...  Thought I would give it a ... tonight that called for a pinot grigio to serve with, but I had no pinot grigio.  This light SB with lemon/grapefruit notes paired nicely with the acidic roasted tomatoes/pepper that I topped the chicken/mozz with Read More

    Forum post in the topic Whatcha drinking tonight?

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    Page modification by 453542Mr Dolce 453542 Mr Dolce

  • Can I buy Sycamore Lane Pinot Grigio On Line? Can't find it in our area. Only at a Resteraunt. Please E Mail me info. Thanx

    Comment by 673915Susan Benedetti 673915 Susan Benedetti

  • I'm looking for the Pinot that comes in the triangular pink bottle. Any ideas?

    Comment by 585578suzieweibel 585578 suzieweibel

  • looking for 2008 pinot grigio from vendemmia, bottle has delle venezie and villagiachi

    Comment by 354303als pal 354303 als pal

  • Am seeking a Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio in the Bundaberg region if anyone is able to assist with retail outlets?

    Comment by 269746shima8 269746 shima8

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