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Name of varietal: Pinot Blanc
Common synonyms: Weissburgunder, Klevner, Feher Burgundi, Pinot Bianco, Rulandske Bile, Rulandske biele, Blanc Vrai
Parentage of the grape: genetic mutation of Pinot Noir
History of the grape: Pinot Blanc was first grown in Burgundy and Champagne, France, and can be traced by some sources as far back as the 1st century. For a long time, little distinction was made between it and Chardonnay, however a number of vintners who knew what they were doing began producing it as a varietal release. It eventually came to prominence in the Alsace region, where it is one of the four most common grapes grown there. It made its way across Europe and to other parts of the world from there and is now a popular grape in cooler climate regions where it is most able to thrive. 
Characteristics of the grape: light to medium-bodied, acidic, grapefruit rind, peach, apricot, canteloupe, honeysuckle, white pepper
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Pinot Blanc on Snooth

  • Louis Jadot Marsannay Blanc 2004


    No written review

    Wine review by BobbyC10

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  • Trimbach Pinot Blanc Alsace Aoc 2005


    No written review

    Wine review by edieamericangirl

  • Georges Duboeuf Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc 2003


    cherry aromas, smokey-tastes of slightly sour cherries, plum pudding and a hint o licorice - about average for the price Read More

    Wine review by JohnnyRocketts

  • Peter Lehmann Chardonnay Pinot Noir Cuvée Blanc 2005


    Crisp almost lemony. From my reading, I might have saved it a few more years. Read More

    Wine review by Drunk as a Skunk

  • I'm hoping the Snooth community can help me out with some recommendations. I've have had a couple Argentinian Malbec and Malbec blend wines in the last couple of months that I really enjoyed and I was hoping that I could get some recommendations to expand what I've tried. I'm looking up to $50 but realistically more in the $15 to $30 range. L... Read More

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  • Ahhh... So many wines, so little time, and such a small budget... I am trying so hard to learn the world of wines as best I can, but this experience is truly one I have to take on my own. (Thank goodness for Snooth!). So my dilemma... I am trying to find reasonably priced wines that suit my tastes as well as my food preference. I do not eat r... Read More

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  • Handley Cellars Pinot Blanc Anderson Valley Blanc 2006


    The Anderson Valley is very well know for their Pinot Noirs due to the cool region. This particular Pinot Noir showed more red fruit, a crispness, med tannins and acidity, med bodied, with a tinge more alcohol (felt the heat). easily enjoyable. Read More

    Wine review by Nicki Gig

  • Baron Philippe de Rothschild-les Cépages Chardonnay Weiß Baron Philippe de Rothschild Süd-Frankreich 08 2008


    Beautiful, light golden color. Very fruity aroma immediately upon opening. Pineapple and honeydew coming across on the nose. Crisp and refreshing, low alcohol (12%). If Italian Pinot Grigio and CA Sauvignon Blanc had a baby, it would taste like this! Great buy - absolutely enjoyed it! Read More

    Wine review by anabellie

  • I was asked by a fellow snoother to write a bit about Norton wines after I had expressed some opinions regarding same in another forum thread. So in an effort to comply and, for what it's worth, share my humble knowledge of the subject, I present the following:I moved to Missouri in 1994 after having lived the prior ten years in Sonoma County, C... Read More

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