Name of varietal: Picpoul (Piquepoul)

Common synonyms: Avello, Avillo, Extra, Feher Piquepoul, Languedocien, Picapoll, Picapolla, Picapulla, Picpoul, Picpoul de Pinet

Parentage of the grape: Unknown.

History of the grape: Wine has been made from this grape since at least the 17th century, when it was cited as “Piquepoul,” or “lip stinger,” presumably because of its high natural acidity. It comes in Noir, Gris, and Blanc versions. The white is the most planted, but it’s common to see all three in the same vineyard. Picpoul was popular throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, and was once a common base for vermouth, but lost a lot of vineyard area after the phylloxera epidemic. It is now regaining popularity, and its main AC, Picpoul de Pinet, is becoming better-known.

Picpoul Noir is most common as a minor ingredient in the Chateaneuf du Pape blend.

Characteristics of the grape: lemon, mineral, high acidity, full body

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Picpoul on Snooth

  • Even aside from its historical significance, Dom is a fine wine, though ... ... ... muscadet, chablis and picpoul de pinet with oysters, pretty much in that order, with beer and sake and the occasional sauvignon blanc or dry riesling also slipping into the mix. Depends on the style of cuisine and availability of decent versions of whatever li... Read More

    Forum post in the topic And now for something...

  • Abadal Picapoll 2014


    No written review

    Wine review by Teppo

  • Google translate?But it's a cool word isn't it? I think I'm going ... ... . . .Oh it's a cheap Picpoul. No need for the expensive verbiage. Maybe with something more appropriat Read More

    Forum post in the topic Fine Wine Investment...

  • nvesting in wine is by no means a new phenomenon. Many years before fine wine became truly global in the mid-1990s, wily buyers would often buy more than they intended to drink, selling the excess at a later date to fund new purchases.( im ni bt ca bright city)In today’s market, as the global demand and consumption of the World’s finest wines in... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Fine Wine Investment...

  • EMark, Ah Topolos, the best outdoor dining experience in all of Sonoma County. ... Gialla, Touriga Nacional, Picpoul Blanc etc don't carry the hefty fruit cost. Economics. So I see a bunch of it and there is a lot poured at local events. Need to climb out of my shell and get back into the adventurous side of my wine drinkin Read More

    Forum post in the topic And now for something...

  • Lock & Worth Sauvignon Blanc & Semillon 2014


    This Bordeaux-style is perhaps the most singular I've ever tasted, and not ... of saltiness - almost like a Picpoul de Pinet. Very enervating, refreshing and clean yet strangely muted... could be the start of something new? Quality is not lacking...87 point Read More

    Wine review by zufrieden

  • Yesterday, The Guardian reporter Fiona Beckett threw down the corkscrewed ... ... wine is more playful than a Picpoul or Pinot Grigio, it's a little more manageable than Sauvignon Blanc and it goes great with many foods.  “Above all, it's pronounceable, which makes it easy to remember when you're scanning a wine list or a supermarket shelf,” s... Read More

    From the article Guardian Says Vermentino a Contender for the Sauv Blanc Throne

  • Picpoul de Pinet Closieres Lauent Sauvage 2014


    I bought this bottle of wine for £8 from a local supermarket.Picpoul is a grape variety [which comes in red and white versions although thev white is far more common],grown in Languedoc.It is susceptible to fungus and has low yeilds although it can do well on sandy soils so it is not widely used. Picpoul de Pinet is an AOC created in 1985 for wh... Read More

    Wine review by duncan 906

  • Over the years, multiple varieties have made the news for one reason or ... ... Viognier or Marsanne. Even Picpoul is easier to grow.” Marsanne tends to set a heavy crop leading Bewley to come back and thin. “We must go through the blocks and cut off 50% to 75% of the fruit to make great wines. The great thing is that these varieties make wond... Read More

    From the article Challenging Wine Personalities

  • It’s time to stop playing it safe with your local gnosh-spot wine ... white wines of Picpoul have become a safe and very decent choice for gluggable, uncomplicated drinking,” she said. “Southern Italy is another good bet at the lower end, particularly Puglia and Sicily.” Another tip? Wine-in-box is no longer a swear word in the wine world. “An ... Read More

    From the article How to Master a Wine List: UK Somm Gives Tips

  • I found a couple available overseas but sites not in English or out of stock. There has to be something available in the USA right? I'm looking for 100% Picpoul Noir not blanc. Cheers!

    Comment by 996724hectaliter 996724 hectaliter

  • Does a picpoul noir exist in the US for purchase?

    Comment by 996724hectaliter 996724 hectaliter

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