Name of varietal: Nebbiolo

Common synonyms: Spanna, Picutener and Chiavennasca.
Parentage of the grape: Debatable whether it is indigenous to Piedmont or first plantings in Valtellina in Lombardy, Italy. 
History of the grape: Two schools of thought exist as to the origins of Nebbiolo (which means “little fog” either for the Piedmontese autumn weather or the frosty appearance of the mature grapes). One is that it is indigenous to Piedmont, Italy. The other is that it was first planted in Valtellina, a valley within the Lombardy region, where it was then brought to Piedmont. There is some suggestion that in the 1st century, Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder gave high regard to a wine made in what is now the Barolo region, attributing to it similar characteristics associated with Nebbiolo. In the 13th century, there is reference to a wine called “nebili” from a grape that was growing near Rivoli outside of Turin. More concrete written history Read more »

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  • Can we go back to the Nebbiolo discussion?  Those timelines were all shortened so that the wineries could release wine to the market faster and recoup money, esp when Barolo and Barbaresco got spendy and trendy.  Yes, some changes in the winemaking tamed the wines so you could drink them earlier, and riper grapes have moved things in that direct... Read More

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  • "Wow.  That seems pretty spendy.  I look forward to a ... of bringing a Mexican Nebbiolo just to see what happened, but it wouldn't be fair. I will say though, that they seem to be OK with ZInfandel and oddly enough, even Tempranillo, if you're looking at the sub $10 level Read More

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  • OT - yeah but not always.Basic Barberesco has to get 26 months total age before ... ... of those need to be 100% Nebbiolo.Basic Roero needs 20 months with at least 6 in barrel, and the Riserva needs 32 months with at least 6 in barrel. It has to be at least 95% Nebbiolo.Basic Gattinara needs 35 months total age before release, with at least 24 ... Read More

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  • Consider the Barolo bottlings - used to be 5 - FIVE - years just to consider ... released.) but the straight Nebbiolo offerings are usually on the market in 3 years.  Hope that helps.  Paul                        2011 Fratelli Barale "Castellero" Barolo                                                                           &nbs Read More

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  • Doesn't Nebbiolo normally het more than nine months on the barrel?Beats me.  If so, then I guess another rule falls.Wait a second. Het?  Did you take typing lessons from RBA?I get a kick out of trying these Baja wines that B-I-L brings back.  On whole, they remind me, a lot, of Temecula wines.  Most of them are OK, but I don't think that I have,... Read More

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  • Malagon Los Sesenta Sangiovese/Nebbiolo 2014


    Minty, fruity nose. Initial taste is of not quite ripe fruitplum, peach, green apple. As the wine passes back, there is noticeable tannin, but it is not excessive. It does give the wine a bit of sturdiness. An unfortunate bitterness on the very back of the palate, but, maybe, Im being hypercritical. Surprisingly short finish. Read More

    Wine review by EMark

  • Doesn't Nebbiolo normally get more than nine months in the barrel? Read More

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  • There's not a lot of Trousseau (Bastardo) panted in California, less than ... ... note on the mid-palate a Nebbiolo-like tannic grip pulls through the finish. Just over 122 the bottle left. Looking forward to seeing where it goes Tuesday nigh Read More

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  • Cana's Feast Bricco Red Vns


    No written review

    Wine review by James Whittaker

  • When you think of drinking wine at the appropriate age, what picture comes to ... why Cabernet Sauvignon and Nebbiolo age so well. How does this explain how Pinot Noir, a relatively low tannin variety, ages so well? Keep reading… Acid Like Tannin, acid is a key component of aging. A low pH coming from high acid levels contributes to the microb... Read More

    From the article To Age or Not to Age? That is the Question.

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