Common synonyms: Moscatel, Müskateller, and many, many offshoots including but not limited to Orange Muscat, Black Muscat, Muscat Blanc (a.k.a. Muscat à Petit Grains), Muscat Giallo, Muscat of Alexandria.

Parentage of the grape: The oldest known grape variety, most likely originated in Greece
History of the grape: Muscat existed as far back as the Ancient Greeks. It spread throughout the world as empires grew, through Egypt into South Africa, through Italy into the rest of Europe, through Australia via either South Africa or Europe, and lastly into the Americas by way of Spain. 
Characteristics of the grape: golden yellow to dark amber in color, orange blossom, orange peel, white flowers. Other variants of the grape produce lighter to darker wines depending on the hybrid and region, but all share that aromatic orange characteristic. 
Regions where the grape is currently important: Almost any European country produces Muscat in some form Read more »

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Muscat on Snooth

  • Murrieta's Well the Whip White Blend Livermore Valley 2016


    Orange and tangerine notes are lightly floral and creamy with fresh minerality and hints of lime zest. Fresh, perky acidity on the palate with creamy orange notes, tea leaf and a finish of green apple and floral white peach. Read More

    Wine review by Snooth Editorial

  • Domaine de la Reynardiere Muscat Vin de Pays Cotes de Thongue 1998


    I bought this bottle of wine for £ from the website ... family concern and is 100% muscat aged in stainless steel tanks.The muscat family of over 200 grape varieties can be traced back to antiquity.I started my bottle last night with a plate of bread and cheese.The wine is a deep amber,almost brown, colour.It is sweet... Read More

    Wine review by duncan 906

  • I don’t see nearly enough sparkling wine from Brazil on restaurant menus ... one of some members of the Muscat family. These are fun, fizzy wines guaranteed to please large crowds.Terroir plays a role here, too. The sloping valleys of Brazil were carved by lava flow. The basaltic soils resulting from the lava impart trademark characteristics. ... Read More

    From the article Brazilian Sparklers Make a Summer Splash

  • One can travel all over Italy and still have no sense of Sicily, as Sicily is ... is ... Bianco and Zibibbo (Muscat of Alexandria) in Agrigento, Sicily in 1869 by Baron Antonio Mendola, an agronomist and expert of grape varieties, with the first grapes appearing in 1874. Even some Italian grape variety experts are lacking this knowledge and h... Read More

    From the article This is Sicily's Answer to White Wine

  • Many wine producing regions also make a mark producing spirits. In Chile ... ... for the bulk of production. Muscat, Pedro Jiminez, and Torentel are the key varieties.  Production methodologies vary with some distilling their spirit more than once to achieve a level of refinement and a smoother end product. Quantity wise most Pisco is bottled ... Read More

    From the article Pisco, the Spirit of Chile

  • Villa Jolanda Moscato & Strawberry 2009


    Fizzy, sweet, strawberry candy, all words that I would describe both this wine and a soda. Having unnoticeable alcohol, I suppose it would be more correct to call it a hard soda. Pretty bottle, nothing offensive, but also nothing unique. Perhaps a safe date-night choice, but missing the Moscato flavour per the label. Read More

    Wine review by Aegelis

  • Villa Jolanda Mango Moscato NV


    Smell the mango, taste the mango, roll around in sugary sweet. Date night dessert wine that would work with cheese or chocolate, but is a candy all its own. Like its sister wine Passionfruit, I'd like more of a wine taste rather than soda and can do without the spritzer-like finish, but these are details and personal preferences. Hats off to ... Read More

    Wine review by Aegelis

  • Villa Jolanda Moscato Passion Fruit NV


    Date night wet champagne sibling that adds sweet and fizz to a cheese plate pairing. Fruity floral scent fills the air from opening the bottle. You can surely smell and taste the passion fruit here which makes it quite unique amoungst its peers. A candy-like dessert with very little kick, the two changes I would make are more wine-like taste ... Read More

    Wine review by Aegelis

  • Hey, AL, nice collection BTW! Could you tell the difference between the left ... ~40$ and a regular like ~15$ Muscat? ..or just does this bottle worth the difference in your own opinion? I mean, I feel like muscat doesn't have much difference above 20$, cuz usually it comes as digestif after dinner and probably never comes alone, like red wine... Read More

    Forum post in the topic I'm Scott

  • Stephen hasn't shown here in awhile, but would be curious about his ... NV ... NV Rutherglen Calliope Rare Muscat 375ml  |  7 in stock  |  $15.99 Buller, RL NV Rutherglen Calliope Rare Tawny 375ml  |  8 in stock  |  $15.99 Buller, RL NV Rutherglen Calliope Rare Tokay 375ml  |  7 in stock  |  $15.99 Buller, RL NV Rutherglen Premium Fine Muscat ... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Aussie Wine in the US

  • I'm no connoisseur but this wine is heaven. I am desperately searching for "2011 Muscat California" by V. Sattui Winery in the Atlanta, GA Metro area.

    Comment by 1373999Jennysips 1373999 Jennysips

  • The best Sparkling Muscat Wine is Medio y Medio from Uruguay ! you must try it and will love it forever. VISIT

    Comment by 1147639Bacco Uruguayo 1147639 Bacco Uruguayo

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  • I have a bottle of Muscat Amabile 1980 anyone have any idea of value ??

    Comment by 678136threeriversjim 678136 threeriversjim

  • Haven't really enjoyed wine until I tried Muscat over the holiday weekend at a family get together. I enjoy it greatly now.

    Comment by 539983Quietstorm 539983 Quietstorm

  • I am trying to find Muscat Vin De Glacier, White, by Bonny Boone Vineyard, California, 2005. Thanks, Jenn

    Comment by 377674Jennjim 377674 Jennjim

  • Looking for Dolceoro Moscato d'Asti

    Comment by 314140Johnnie Mancil 314140 Johnnie Mancil

  • Also near Mt. Vernon, WA?

    Comment by 314140Johnnie Mancil 314140 Johnnie Mancil

  • Where can I buy Dolceoro Moscato d'Asti in or near Tulare, CA

    Comment by 314140Johnnie Mancil 314140 Johnnie Mancil

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